Eddie Chu seeks police aid over death threats

Eddie Chu seeks police aid over death threats

Newly elected lawmaker says threats against him dramatically increased since he bagged 84,121 votes in New Territories West


(From left) Paul Zimmerman, Lau Siu-lai, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, ‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung and Nathan Law Kwun-chung at the police headquarters in Wan Chai.
Photo: Sam Tsang/SCMP

Eddie Chu Hoi-dick is seeking police assistance over “imminent” death threats he has received against himself and his family since he was elected as a lawmaker.

Accompanied by a lawyer, New Territories West’s “king of votes” arrived at police headquarters in Wan Chai at about 1pm to make a report.

He has also sent a letter to Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying and Police Commander Stephen Lo Wai-chung requesting assistance.

“There have been threats against me and my family since I ran for Legco,” Chu, 38, said. “The threats have dramatically escalated since I was elected.”

“The death threat to me is imminent,” he added.

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Chu also said he had sought advice from a close protection specialist. He and his wife and daughter have not gone home since election day due to fear for their personal safety.

“Now a lawmaker elected by 84,121 people is unable to go home and is threatened because of his political views,” he continued. “This is a direct attack on the rule of law. There will be outrage among my voters.”

But Chu refrained from revealing details of the threats, saying disclosure at this stage would prejudice police investigation.

Two other newly elected localists, Lau Siu-lai and Nathan Law Kwun-chung, as well as re-elected controversial lawmaker “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung and Occupy Central student leader Joshua Wong Chi-Fung were at the scene to show their support.

Eddie Chu Hoi-dick (centre, in white shirt), accompanied by his legal advisor, appears at the police headquarters in Wan Chai.
Photo: Sam Tsang/SCMP

They and a dozen supporters chanted: “Down with political violence! Je suis Chu Hoi-dick!”

The independent candidate bagged 84,121 votes in New Territories West, the highest number obtained by any candidate in all five geographical constituencies.

Over the years, Chu has fought a lone battle against rural forces, being a vocal critic of land abuse and exploitation of the small-house policy by rural landlords and developers.

On Monday, Chu revealed that he was tailed by a white car which waited outside his home on election day.

He then also said he had in May received a phone call from a village head, who asked him to stop digging into the issue over a brownfield site at Wang Chau, Yuen Long, where the government had abandoned a public housing project due to opposition from the rural gentry.


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