YP team honoured at Wan-Ifra Young Reader Competition for World War Two edition and HKDSE tips

YP team honoured at Wan-Ifra Young Reader Competition for World War Two edition and HKDSE tips

Young Post has won two special mentions in the World Association of Newspapers’ Young Reader Prizes.

The first was for its special second world war throwback edition which was published on September 4 last year to remember VJ Day (Victory over Japan Day).

That day’s edition of Young Post was designed to look as if it had been printed in 1945, to announce the important day.

Other news was mainly about India’s independence, the United Nations was being set up and peace talks were continuing with rebel communists in China. The edition also featured an account of Lee Kam-mok (who was a resistance fighter during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong), written by Joshua Lee. The fashion, music and movie pages all followed the style of the times, while the science page revealed the secrets of colour television.

“It was great fun to put together,” says editor Susan Ramsay. “Team Young Post just loves working in unusual ways to make the news, or in this case the olds, interesting to our readers.”

Read Lee Kam-moks account of life during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong

The second special mention was in the Public Service category for an exam tips series that used professional journalism tricks to help students taking their exams.

“We speak to so many of our readers about the DSEs,” says deputy editor Karly Cox. “We know about the stress they’re under during the three-year period. We felt that by speaking to experts who had also sat the exams, we could offer hope to those students who were taking them.”

From heart-warming stories of survival against the odds, to tips on how to ace next year’s exams, we’ve got it all

The competition is organised by the World Association of Newspapers, or Wan-Ifra, to recognise success in getting young people interested in news.

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Team YP honoured at Wan-Ifra


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