Legco candidate Chan Chak-to promotes Hong Kong independence on air at RTHK

Legco candidate Chan Chak-to promotes Hong Kong independence on air at RTHK

The localist has reaffirmed his support for Hong Kong independence on the election broadcast on RTHK, and criticised the ‘one country, two systems’ policy


Chan Chak-to (left) promotes HK independence on radio.
Photo: SCMP

Legislative Council candidate Chan Chak-to has used an election slot on local radio to promote Hong Kong independence.

Chan, from the Kowloon East Community group, also called for the Basic Law to be scrapped.

The localist made the claims during the two-hour election broadcast on RTHK on Sunday. He has said something similar before on TVB on August 14.

“We see that our core values like democracy and rule of law are now being stepped on,” he said about the ‘one country, two systems’ policy. “Therefore, we need to get rid of anything related to the policy if we want Hong Kong independence.”

EAC’s new measure demands Legco candidates to sign declaration stating HK is part of China

He believed independence would not result in war, saying: “There is no need to use guns. The most important [thing] is the people’s support.”

He also criticised pan-democratic candidate Wu Chi-wai, of the Democratic Party, for supporting the “one country, two systems” policy.

Chan had earlier said he would not promote independence. But he began supporting the idea of independence after his nomination was approved despite his refusal to sign the new electoral form which states that Hong Kong is “an inalienable part” of China.

Labour Party candidate Wu Sui-shan said: “Hong Kong people should be allowed to decide our future and the way the place is to be governed.”

Strict rules imposed on HK independence discussion at schools

Wu blamed Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying for the rise of pro-independence thought, and said Leung should be replaced.

Pro-establishment candidate Patrick Ko Tat-pun of Voice of Loving Hong Kong said schools should not be allowed to be used as a platform to promote independence.

The forum also saw a war of words between candidates from two radical political groups. Tam Tak-chi of People Power accused Wong Yeung-tat of Civic Passion for failing to protect youngsters after encouraging them to use radical means in protests. Tam was referring to a row between the two groups in which Wong’s group allegedly failed to give full support to young protesters during a protest outside the Legislative Council building in June 2014. Wong was criticised for only showing up briefly, then leaving after protests turned violent. Wong denied Tam’s accusations.


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