Don’t look down: A YouTuber skateboards his way into internet fame

Don’t look down: A YouTuber skateboards his way into internet fame

This daredevil YouTuber films himself skateboarding on the edge of skyscrapers, and netizens are shocked at the risky situations he is putting himself into


Instagram and YouTube user Cheung Jai has drawn views and criticism for his daring skateboarding stunts.

Skateboarding on the top of a skyscraper in Hong Kong, Instagrammer and YouTube user “Cheung Jai” stands on the edge between life and death.

There are many daredevil photographers that like to climb to the top of towering skyscrapers to snap vertigo-inducing shots of themselves and their surroundings, but Cheung takes it a step further by filming himself skateboarding on the edge of a skyscraper.

One video sees him on the narrow, rusted steel surface of a building. With his left foot on the board and his right foot hanging over the city in mid-air, Cheung balances precariously on the edge of the roof.

In another shot, he places the board parallel on the steel surface and puts both feet on the board. One wrong move and he could fall.

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The clip went viral and sparked heated debate on social media. It has attracted more than 122,000 and 16,800 views on Youtube and Instagram respectively. While some netizens have praised his courage, others are suggesting that he is suicidal or is simply unafraid of death.

“Dude I can hardly watch this stuff, so crazy. You have no fear,” an Instagram user commented.

“What if you dropped in and killed someone,” another wrote.

“My heart was beating so fast.”

“In 10 years if you are still alive you will realise how stupid you are.”

His previous posts on Instagram and Youtube have also showed him clambering to the top of other popular skyscrapers in the city, performing a variety of actions such as hanging along lightning rods, jumping across roofs, sleeping and standing on the edge of high buildings.

In his quest to film himself in unusual places, Cheung has also uploaded videos of trips which might be deemed less scary and risky.

Do not try this at home. 

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Life on the edge for daredevil YouTuber


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