Fight against Legco form declaring Hong Kong part of China

Fight against Legco form declaring Hong Kong part of China

Localists are fighting a new election form that requires all candidates to declare Hong Kong part of China


Leung is one of those questioning the form.
Photo: David Wong/SCMP

The High Court will hold an urgent hearing today to decide whether to allow a legal challenge to a new election measure targeting the localists who want independence from the mainland. The new measure required Legislative candidates to sign a form to say Hong Kong is unquestionably part of mainland China.

Independence advocates, including Edward Leung Tin-kei, Avery Ng Man-yuen and Chan Tak-cheung, asked for a review of the new form on Monday. They are planning to run for Legco in September and have been asked by the Electoral Affairs Commission where they stand on independence.

They urged the court to declare the new form illegal, adding that it would be hard to tell whether candidates lied when signing. Three candidates are now racing against time to get a decision before the nomination period ends on Friday.

EAC’s new measure demands Legco candidates to sign declaration stating HK is part of China

Leung, who was required to reply to the commission yesterday, said he would ask the court to clarify the law urgently.

After he submitted his nomination last week, signing only the standard declaration, he was approached by an officer who asked him to clarify whether he would continue to push for the city’s independence.

The Hong Kong National Party’s Andy Chan Ho-tin was also contacted for follow-up inquiries.

Localist Alvin Cheng Kam-mun, who signed the new form – unlike Leung and Chan – also received a follow-up inquiry from the electoral office on Monday night. He said he would seek legal advice before making a response.

The Democratic Party said two of its candidates who did not sign the new form were told their nominations were validated. The Civic Party said one of its candidates who did not sign it was also accepted.

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Review of mainland declaration form


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