Hong Kong basks in hottest father’s day on record

Hong Kong basks in hottest father’s day on record

The weekend kicked off a period of very hot weather as high pressure brings rising temperatures


With hot weather incoming, we can expect people to flock to the beaches.
Photo: Franke Tsang/SCMP

Very hot weather is expected all week due to the effect of a belt of high pressure, known as the subtropical ridge. At 1pm yesterday, the temperature topped 34 degrees Celsius with ultraviolet (UV) radiation in King’s Park, Ho Man Tin, graded 12, or “extreme”.

The airport on Lantau, the northern New Territories and Tseung Kwan O enjoyed the warmest weather. That heat led to a hot weather warning from the Observatory.

Scientific officer Lau Po-wing said the hot weather will continue until the ridge weakens at the weekend. “The subtropical ridge is bringing mainly fine and very hot weather to southern China. Temperatures over the territory will soar to about 33 degrees.”

The hot weather also scorched a place in history books on Sunday, the hottest Father’s day on record, with locals baking in temperatures of up to 34.2 degrees Celsius. The previous record was 33.6 degrees in 1961.

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Lau warned the hot weather could impact people’s health. “It’s very easy to get a heatstroke in such hot weather. People should drink a lot of water and avoid overexertion when doing outdoor work or activities,” he said. “They should also take a rest in the shade or cooler areas if not feeling well. People who stay indoors without air conditioning should also open the windows to ensure sufficient ventilation.”

Lau added people should avoid exposure to strong sunlight. “People should wear loose clothing, hats and UV-blocking sunglasses to reduce the chance of sunburn by solar ultraviolet radiation. They should avoid prolonged exposure under the sun to prevent damage to skin and eyes. Swimmers and those taking part in outdoor activities should use a sunscreen lotion of SPF 15 or above, and should reapply it frequently.”

Temperatures today are forecast between 29 and 33 degrees, with some showers. The weekend could see more downpours when the subtropical ridge weakens.

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HK basks in hottest father’s day on record


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