UPDATE: Demosisto reminds Hongkongers to protect the city's rights, and freedom of press and speech

UPDATE: Demosisto reminds Hongkongers to protect the city's rights, and freedom of press and speech


Oscar Lai Man-lok (Left), Nathan Law Kwun-chung (Right) and members of Demosisto march to the Liaison Office from the Western Police Station to support Lam Wing-kee and call for the release of bookseller Gui Minhai.
Photo: Felix Wong/SCMP

[UPDATE: Friday, June 17, 4.15pm]

Nathan Law Kwun-chung, chairman of Demosisto, said Hongkongers should be more proactive in fighting against China's tyranny and false imprisonment.

"The [Causeway Bay booksellers] incident shows Beijing has overstepped "one country, two system", and that the Hong Kong government hasn't helped the booksellers at all," Law said. "I'm worried about our future as our freedom of press and speech erodes. We are asking all Hongkongers to join us in protecting our rights, and to raise concern for the personal safety of bookseller Lam Wing-kee," says Law.

Earlier today, Lee Po took to Facebook to say he was "never taken over the border involuntarily."

Demosisto members will set up street booths near Causeway Bookstore from 6pm to 830pm tonight to appeal to Hongkongers, and international communities, to uphold the freedom of press and speech. Also, to promote concern for the safety of the missing and returned booksellers, and their family.

Meanwhile, pro-Democrat Albert Ho Chun-yan is asking the public to use their common sense when processing Lam's story.


This morning, Demosisto protested the way the Chinese government have extended the situation concerning the Causeway Bay booksellers, and the way Hong Kong government have allowed it. The group marched from West District Police Station to the Liaison Office of Central Government, starting at 10am, to condemn the cross-border abduction.

Fewer than 30 protesters, from Demosisto and Democracy Groundwork, were seen along that route, shouting, “defend freedom of speech” and “defend freedom of press”.

"Condemn the distention by China, defend Hongkongers' freedom", the sign reads.
Photo: Ben Pang/SCMP

The protesters expressed anger at Hong Kong police for not protecting Hongkongers, shouting "shame on you!"

Nathan Law, chairman of Demosisto, reminded the public there is still Gui Minhai on the mainland they should still be concerned about.

Demosisto Vice Chairperson Oscar Lai climbed onto the fence outside the Liaison Office to throw Demosisto's petition letter, a book and a copy of Apple Daily over the fence. Young Post's reporter at the scene noted the book appeared to be title banned on the mainland.

The small commotion he caused was quickly defused by the police present, and the gates to the liaison office was then closed and locked by a security guard.


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