Wall collapses at former Central Police Station

Wall collapses at former Central Police Station

No one was injured in the incident but the news puts the spotlight on safe building practices


An outer wall of former Central police Station collapse in Central.
Photo: Felix Wong/SCMP

On Sunday night, a large structure at the former Central Police Station on Hollywood Road, which had been undergoing revitalisation works, collapsed. No injuries were reported.

A large wall, around 8mx10m in size, collapsed, making a huge noise. Lots of people reported the noise to the police. The site was boarded up due to the renovation works and there were no passers-by inside at the time of the collapse.

A civil engineer surnamed Ng, who did not want to give his full name because his company does not allow media interviews, said the project is classified as “temporary work”, because all of the changes are internal, and don’t affect the external structure of the building.

“With this kind of work, the contractor doesn’t need to submit any plans to the Buildings Department. However, this project may involve some demolition, so the Buildings Department might have been involved,” said Ng.

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At the time of printing, Young Post had not yet received a response from the department about whether it had approved any plans related to the building.

In 2009, the Buildings Department issued a Code of Practice For Site Supervision, which has guidelines for engineers on how to check construction progress. It aims to ensure the structures built are safe and in line with initial plans.

The incident comes soon after the roof collapse at City University, but Ng was quick to point out that the two incidents are very different.

“The roof collapse at City University was a finished structure, which is open to the public and meant to be completely safe. However, the incident at the former Central Police Station happened while the site is still under construction.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Wall collapse at former police headquarters


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