Zhang Dejiang passes on President Xi Jinping’s well wishes for Hongkongers

Zhang Dejiang passes on President Xi Jinping’s well wishes for Hongkongers

Zhang Dejiang, who chairs China's communist-controlled legislature, makes a quick speech to the media upon arrival at HK International Airport


Zhang Dejiang (C) making a short speech to the media as Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying (second from left) looks on
Photo: AFP

To all friends in Hong Kong and the media, greetings.

First of all, please would our friends in the media help convey President Xi Jinping’s warm regards and well wishes for the people of Hong Kong. I notice that my trip to Hong Kong has attracted wide attention.

The weather is nice today. The weather is very good in both Beijing and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and I, may I say, are bonded. During my tenure in Guangdong province I worked with the Hong Kong government and other sectors on fostering Guangdong-Hong Kong cooperation as well as cooperation in the Pearl River Delta region.

We scored victory in the fight against Sars. All memories are vivid in my mind. The last time I came to Hong Kong was in 2004. Time flies. Twelve years passed so swiftly.

Demosisto taken down as Zhang Dejiang arrives in Hong Kong to ‘see, listen and speak’

The objectives and details of my visit to Hong Kong this time can be summarised in three words.

First, seeing. I plan to see Hong Kong’s new changes after all these years, see old and new friends, and see the lives of Hong Kong residents.

Second, listening. I will listen to the chief executive and the SAR government regarding their work, and to all sectors of society about what recommendations and requirements they have about implementing the principles of ‘one country two systems’ and on Hongkongers administering their city and with a high degree of autonomy, as well as the implementation of the Basic Law, and the development of the nation and of Hong Kong.

Third, speaking. At the one belt one road summit organised by the Hong Kong government tomorrow I will give a keynote address. At the welcome banquet held by the HKSAR government tomorrow evening, I will deliver a formal speech. On other occasions, in other settings, I may continue to give some speeches.

In short, I come this time with the care of the central government and all Chinese people for the Hong Kong SAR and Hongkongers. I believe I can achieve my intended goals.


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