Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow denied joint-name bank account by HSBC

Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow denied joint-name bank account by HSBC


Joshua Wong at a press conference at at the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union in Causeway Bay earlier this year.
Photo: Felix Wong/SCMP

HSBC denied former Scholarism members Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow from opening a joint-name bank account for donations towards the new political party they are forming, Wong told media this morning.

Wong said they had been applying for the account for two weeks, during which they were asked to provide information including bank account details of their family members. In the end, they were informed by HSBC their application did not pass the approval process, even though all required documents were provided.

The bank cited administrative and commercial reasons for rejecting the application. Wong believes the rejection to be due to political considerations.

Wong had also tried to open a personal bank account at HSBC to pay his school fees, but was also rejected.

"If I want to save money when I'm married ten years from now, will I still not be able to open a joint-name account?” Wong said to the media. “This incident shows that politically sensitive people like me can’t even open an addition bank account for daily use. It’s a problem.”

At a radio show this morning, Chow said they will approach other banks to open a joint-name account. If unsuccessful, they will use their personal accounts to accept donations under the supervision of lawyers and accountants. Chow said she had not foreseen this obstacle, and is worried if they might even be able to register as a company.

“We’ll come up with a solution,” she said.


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