Ocean Park koala dies from kidney failure

Ocean Park koala dies from kidney failure

The Hong Kong theme park says the three-year-old marsupial died on Monday

Three-year-old female koala Merinda who lived at Ocean Park was put to sleep on Monday morning, due to kidney failure brought on by oxalate nephrosis, the theme park announced.

A park spokeswoman said the koala had been under intensive care since April for the incurable disease commonly seen in the species, and that euthanasia was recommended by Dr Ian Hough, a vet from Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia, where Merinda was born.

Merinda arrived at Ocean Park from the wildlife park with two other individuals of the same species – male Dougie and female Yani – in October 2014. She was put on display at the park’s Adventures in Australia feature in March last year.


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