Could this Sunday be the end of Scholarism?

Could this Sunday be the end of Scholarism?

A new report says that the group will call it quits this weekend, but its student leaders aren’t talking


Scholarism leader Joshua Wong says he’ll help found a new political party next month.
Photo: Jonathan Wong/SCMP

People are wondering if the news is true: will Scholarism split up? The student-led activist group has not commented on a report suggesting that they will disband on Sunday.

In a statement issued early Wednesday on Scholarism’s Facebook page, the group said only that it was working on its future direction and would announce if it reached any decisions.

The saga emerged after online news outlet IBHK reported late on Tuesday that the group, convened by Joshua Wong Chi-fung and catapulted to global fame after leading a campaign forcing Hong Kong authorities to shelve a national education curriculum in 2012, would be disbanded on Sunday.

The report also came weeks after Oscar Lai Man-lok, a former core member of Scholarism, revealed he, Wong and Agnes Chow Ting planned to form a political party with at least two candidates running in the Legislative Council elections in September.

Joshua Wong to form party to run in Legco elections in September

Lai quit Scholarism to support the Civic Party’s Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu in the Legco by-election for New Territories East last month. Scholarism did not officially endorse a candidate in that race.

Wong had said the new party, likely to be formed in April, would push for a referendum to enable Hongkongers to determine whether to split from mainland China in 2047, the year when Beijing’s promises under the “one country, two systems” principle were due to expire.

One concern relating to Scholarism’s possible disbandment was how the group would handle donations it received over the years. The group is said to have amassed more than HK$1 million.

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Will Sunday mark the end of Scholarism?


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