Solar eclipse? We couldn’t even see the sun through all those clouds

Solar eclipse? We couldn’t even see the sun through all those clouds

There was a partial solar eclipse this morning in Hong Kong, but you probably didn’t notice because it was so cloudy


A partial solar eclipse is seen through the statue of Khmer hero " Decho Meas" in Phnom Penh March 9, 2016. REUTERS/Samrang Pring

A rare solar eclipse took place this morning but Hong Kong revellers had to admire the spectacle through dense clouds.

The angle of the phenomenon meant it would have only been seen as a partial eclipse in Hong Kong, but equatorial viewers in Indonesia and northern Australia were treated to a full eclipse.

ECLIPSE: Best photos from the event

Hongkongers could see the sun and moon almost lined up at 8.05am at an elevation 19 degrees above the horizon.

As the moon passed by, more of the sun was blocked. The maximum occurred at 8.58am, in which a third of the sun’s diameter was eclipsed.

The Observatory said the partial eclipse had a magnitude of 0.331, meaning only 33.1 per cent of the sun’s diameter would have been obscured.

A total solar eclipse is seen in Belitung, Indonesia, Wednesday, March 9, 2016. A total solar eclipse was witnessed along a narrow path that stretched across Indonesia while in other parts of Asia a partial eclipse was visible.
Photo: AP

The forecaster had recommended revellers take up viewing points with unobstructed views to the east-southeast such as Sai Kung and Shek O.

Cloudy conditions made it difficult to get a good glimpse of the event without the help of powerful optics.

Meteorology lovers were seen lugging their telescopes to Statue Square in Central and along the Tsim Sha Tsui harbour front to get the best viewpoints.

Towards the end of the Wednesday morning event, a clear view of the partial eclipse was broadcast on the HK Sheng Kung Hui centre’s camera. Singapore had better luck seeing the eclipse through intermittent clouds.

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