Oscar Lai quits Scholarism and shows up to support Civic Party's Alvin Yeung

Oscar Lai quits Scholarism and shows up to support Civic Party's Alvin Yeung

Young Post's Melanie Leung catches up with Oscar Lai in Fanling


Oscar Lai (far right) and Alvin Yeung (second from right) campaigning in Fanling.
Photo: Melanie Leung/SCMP


Oscar Lai insists there is no split among the Scholarism student activist group.
Photo: Melanie Leung/SCMP

During today's by-elections, Young Post talks to Oscar Lai Man-lok, student activist previously of Scholarism. 

Lai says he has no plans to rejoin the student activist group headed by Joshua Wong after today's by-elections, but will continue to work with Wong and Agnes Chow on forming a new political party.

Lai quit Scholarism to support Civic Party's Alvin Yeung in the legco by-elections today.

"There is no split in Scholarism," he says, "I'm just doing this to maintain Scholarism's neutrality in this election."

Lai has known Yeung since the unofficial referendum launched by Occupy Central organisers on June 22, 2014, which asked citizens which election reform package they supported.

Lai says he supports Yeung because he is the most likely pro-democracy candidate to win. Yeung had previously provided assistance to Scholarism, and is vocal on issues such as the Universal Retirement Protection Scheme.

Lai says he has not met Hong Kong Indigenous' Edward Leung Tin-kei, "but I've listened to him speak. I don't think he's a violent person at all."

Lai earlier confirmed plans to run in the Legco election in September, where he is expected to contest a seat in Kowloon East.

Scholarism's Wong and Chow, both 19, are too young to compete for a seat in the legislature.


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