Missing Hong Kong bookseller doesn't want to meet HK Police

Missing Hong Kong bookseller doesn't want to meet HK Police

Remaining three booksellers in custody


A man writes a greeting card to Lee Bo and other missing persons at Street booth in Causeway Bay.
Photo: Dickson Lee/SCMP

Don't call me, I'll call you, missing Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo has apparently written in a letter to Hong Kong Police.

Lee has been missing from Hong Kong since December 30. He is one of five booksellers all linked to Mighty Current, which produces books critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

Hong Kong Police reported on their website last night that they had received a letter from the Interpol Guangdong Liaison Office regarding three of the missing booksellers. Included in that was a letter in Lee Bo's handwriting.

The letter, addressed to the Police Force of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, stated that mainland police had told Bo, whom they refer to as Po, that HK police wished to interview him. He stated that he did not wish to speak to HK police, and if he did, he would contact them.

Hong Kong's own authorities should enforce law in Hong Kong 

The HK police took the letter to Lee Bo's wife, who confirmed it was written in his handwriting.

In the first letter, the Liaison Office said that three of the booksellers, Lui Por, Cheung Chi-ping and Lam Wing-kee were suspected to be involved in a case realting to a person surnamed Gui, and were involved in illegal activities on the mainland. Criminal compulsory measure had been imposed on them and they were under investigation.

Gui appeared on television in a tearful confession.
Photo: SCMP Pictures

Gui Minhai, the fifth bookseller, disappeared from Thailand in October last year. Then a video of him was shown on CCTV in which he apparently said he had returned to the mainland voluntarily to take responsiblity for a car accident some 12 years earlier in which a young woman was killed. 

The video was widely joked about because in it Gui's clothing changes, which would seem to show that it was not filmed at one time.


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