Guangdong police not saying anything about missing Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo

Guangdong police not saying anything about missing Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo

As the mystery surrounding missing bookseller Lee Bo continues, HK police are still waiting for an answer from mainland authorities


A protester wearing a mask of Lee Bo demands his release.
Photo: David Wong

The police force in Guangdong province has not responded to requests from Hong Kong police for a meeting with missing bookseller Lee Bo, Hong Kong's security chief said.

"The police have not heard the Guangdong provincial public security department say 'sorry, we can't arrange [a meeting]'," Lai Tung-kwok told legislators at a security panel meeting on Tuesday. "So, we are still waiting for their reply."

Police said on January 18 they had requested Guangdong authorities' help in arranging a meeting with Lee after they confirmed the bookseller was on the mainland.

The previous response from Guangdong authorities

Lee, operator of Causeway Bay Books that sells titles that are critical of politicians and are banned on the mainland, has been missing from Hong Kong since December 30. Later, Lee claimed in letters and video messages that he voluntarily travelled to the mainland and that he was safe and assisting mainland authorities in the investigation of an unspecified case. But there was no official record of Lee leaving Hong Kong, prompting fears that mainland agents had abducted him and taken him over the border. This is against the "one country, two systems" principle.

Lai said the government is highly concerned about the case and is seeking information through various levels and channels. "We will act strictly according to the Basic Law," he said.

The bookstore, which Lee's wife has said would reopen on Monday, has remained shut.

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Guangdong police not saying anything


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YP Letters


This is simply a missing persons case so why focus on it? It is because the bookstore is selling a book not available in mainland China. Many people think Lee Bo has been kidnapped as his wife said he did not take his Home Return Permit. If it is true, in my eyes, that means the Basic Law about China allowing Hong Kong to have its freedom for 50 years is a joke. They are trying to rule us. Both China and Hong Kong are going to get hurt.
I hope China will release Lee Bo and will keep their promise about the Basic Law.
Fung Siu Chung, King Ling College