Cheap, thoughtful, last-minute Christmas gifts made by Hong Kong students

Cheap, thoughtful, last-minute Christmas gifts made by Hong Kong students

Christmas is only a week away. Instead of panic-buying gifts no one wants, choose one of these clever pressies made by Hong Kong schools


Renaissance College's P.O.T. Plant Oriented Technology is for someone who has a green thumb or a love of technology.

Still scrambling to find last-minute Christmas gifts? You may not need to look further than your own school. Students across Hong Kong have come up with creative projects that make perfect gifts for the holiday season. You can support other students while still getting a thoughtful present for your loved ones.

Cultural Cooking and Brilliant Baking

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the foodies in your life, consider these cookbooks put together by students at Island School, with recipes that reflect their cultural heritage.

Over 14 weeks of research and development, students studied healthy fast food, organic food, and breads from around the world, while also creating their own recipes.

There are two books to choose from, each with a different range of dishes.

A Food Lover's Guide is a collection of recipes that takes inspiration from students' home countries or backgrounds. The recipes take readers on a cultural culinary journey through Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Sweet Indulgence is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Filled with cakes, biscuits, pies and tarts, there's a dessert for everyone. From traditional apple pie to salted caramel brownies, try something sweet this holiday season.

Both books are available from Island School. Price: HK$40

P.O.T. Plant Oriented Technology

Maybe it's time to go green with your gift-giving this Christmas. For anyone with a green thumb or a love of technology, the P.O.T. Plant Oriented Technology is a cool, clever option - and contributes to charity at the same time.

P.O.T. Plant Oriented Technology is this year's Renaissance College Junior Achievement Company run by a group of Year 12 Business Management and Economics students.

The P.O.T. is a clay pot made from sustainable material, with a twist. It also has a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag which provides information and tips for whatever you choose to grow, along with notifications letting you know when and how to care for your plant - all sent directly to your smartphone.

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It's environmentally friendly, too: NFC is a technology that transmits information at close range using zero energy. What's more, part of the proceeds from P.O.T. sales go to the charity Rooftop Republic which supports urban farming in Hong Kong.

Available through Renaissance College and the project website. Price: HK$99

Cold Cards

You don't have to go all-out with fancy gifts to show fellow students some support. Year Eight and Nine students at South Island School have created cards and wrapping paper with a fun and quirky twist: robots.

Inspired by Nordic knitting patterns, the cards and wrapping paper were part of the school's Making a Difference Week in October.

The original designs were created by hand using lino printing, but the packs of cards have been professionally manufactured.

The cards come in 10 different designs and include envelopes and robot stickers with a range of funky patterns to choose from.

Apart from adding a bit of robotic charm to your holiday gift-giving, the proceeds from the project go to Operation Santa Claus.

Both cards and wrapping paper are available through South Island School. Price: wrapping paper is sold in a pack of eight designs for HK$80; cards are in packs of 10 different designs for HK$100

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