91% of Rosaryhill School parents vote to ditch the TSA

91% of Rosaryhill School parents vote to ditch the TSA


Rosaryhill School parents vote overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the TSA.

Last month, parents of Rosaryhill School (Primary Section) were asked to vote on whether the school should withdraw from the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA), local media reported. Yesterday, the school announced the results of the vote: 91% of parents voted for Rosaryhill School to withdraw from the TSA. 

A total of 405 votes were cast, with 369 supporting the withdrawal, 29 votes against, and seven abstaining from voting.

According to local media, Annie Wong, principal of primary section of the private Catholic co-educational school, had said that, should more than 50 per cent of parents vote for the school to withdraw from the TSA, Rosaryhill School would not take part in the programme in 2016. She could not be reached for comment when Young Post called the school this afternoon to confirm whether the withdrawal will go ahead.

The Education Bureau replied to local media saying that private schools have the liberty to choose whether they want to do the TSA. Since 2004, five private primary schools and one private secondary school have withdrawn after taking part in the TSA, according to the bureau.


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