Brrr-ing back the warmer Hong Kong winter weather

Brrr-ing back the warmer Hong Kong winter weather

Better take out your winter clothes. Hong Kong Observatory says that because of a winter monsoon, the weather will be a little cooler over the next few days

Good news if you have some new winter fashions you want to wear. In the next few days, temperatures could drop to as low as 12 degrees Celsius - but the chill won't stay long.

The minimum temperature in urban areas early yesterday morning was 16 degrees, and was expected to be that cold again last night around midnight. In the New Territories, the temperatures were even lower.

The maximum temperature in urban areas is expected to be about 20 degrees today, but it's likely to keep getting colder until tomorrow, when we have a low of 12 degrees. That would be the lowest temperature since winter started. The high tomorrow is expected to be 15 degrees.

The Observatory said the cooler weather is being caused by an intense winter monsoon over the southern China coast during the next few days. It will bring cold air over the region in the middle part of this week, but the weather is expected to warm up as the monsoon gets weaker.

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