Found 10-year-old boy being looked after by authorities

Found 10-year-old boy being looked after by authorities

Lee Siu-man who went missing on Sunday afternoon was found today
Lee Siu-man was found this morning.

[UPDATE - 5.40pm, Oct 10]

Lee Siu-man will be looked after by the authorities tonight while police apply for a Protection Order. Juvenile court will hear the application tomorrow.

A 10-year-old boy who had disappeared for almost five days was found this morning at a 24-hour Internet cafe in the Ma On Shan district, according to Chinese media.

Lee Siu-man went missing after he left his home on Yin Hing Street in San Po Kong on Sunday afternoon. Police said his father sought help from police to find him on Tuesday.

The boy weighs about 40kg, is about 1.4 metres tall, and thinly built with short hair, police said.

At around 1pm today, a police spokesperson said the boy was found safe and sound this morning, and there is nothing suspcious connected to his disappearance.


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