Stepping out of the bubble and into reality in Cambodia with Unicef

Stepping out of the bubble and into reality in Cambodia with Unicef

This summer, Unicef took a group of HK young envoys to Cambodia to see what life is like for children living there. Here is an account


Rosaline enjoyed visiting a school in Cambodia.
Photo: Unicef
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Hey, I'm that girl who is (sometimes) overly optimistic and dreams all the time. I believe that trivial things can change the world. Start smiling!

The Earth we live on is not always as sunny as it seems. Protected in our bubbles, sometimes we can't see the harsh reality of life for millions of children around the globe.

In July, I went on a trip with a group of 22 Unicef Young Envoys from Hong Kong to learn more about children's lives in Cambodia.

At the beginning, I knew I wanted to learn more about world issues, and also be able to influence people around me to help these under-privileged children. However, I gained far more than I ever could have hoped.

Working at Unicef Cambodia's office, Sun Ah Kim Suh (Kim), deputy resident representative of Cambodia, said it was passion that had motivated her to work for the charity.

"I feel a strong need to help the needy," said Kim. "In a big world, it's the small actions that make a difference."

I felt inspired by both her words and enthusiasm, and was happy to see that Unicef is trying their best to improve children's lives worldwide.

The visit to the Preach Norodom Primary School was the highlight of the trip, and made a big impression on me. The model school was set up with the assistance of Unicef.

Stepping into the hall, we were met by the singing of a group of young children. My eyes welled up with tears and I almost cried.

I noticed a big difference between Hong Kong schools and those in Cambodia. The students valued every moment at school and made the most of it. Seeing this made me reflect on my attitudes towards life and learning. I felt ashamed of myself, and vowed to treasure what I had in future.

The field trip was a life-changing experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. It's important to think before judging others or believing the underprivileged don't matter.

Unicef Young Envoys Programme 2016 is now open for recruitment. Seize this opportunity to give the disadvantaged a helping hand. Don't hesitate to apply for the programme and begin your own memorable journey.

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Reaching out to the needy


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