Heartbeat 2014: Adding a dash of pixie dust

Heartbeat 2014: Adding a dash of pixie dust

A story sprinkled over with pixie dust adds magic and brews wonderful family bonding time

“Disney doesn’t just read its stories like any ordinary person. [It] adds pixie dust to them”, said Arthur Lau, 2013 Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassador. He told junior reporters how Disney’s “VoluntEARS” storytelling project put smiles onto the faces of kids living in Tung Chung.

Lau said that the secret to storytelling is to put the children and their parents into the story by, for example, inviting them to take on the role of an animal. “It’s all about the creativity, but bringing them back to the human world is important as well,” he said.

He added that the main purpose of storytelling is not just to create excitement but to also improve family bonds by teaching parents storytelling skills they can use in the home.


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