Heartbeat 2014: One word: FUUUUUN!

Heartbeat 2014: One word: FUUUUUN!

Far from being a chore, storytelling can be heaps of fun and a way to give children the most valuable thing you can offer them: your time

On the morning of December 13, Hong Kong Disneyland volunteers organised a family storytelling event for children from low-income families at Tung Chung Public Library. Volunteers arrived early to prepare gifts and games for the children.

The event started off with volunteers telling the children the classic Disney fairy tale - Dumbo. The volunteers made the story interactive, asking children to picture themselves as animals. Eight-year-old Hugo, who studies at PuiKiuPrimary School, had one word to describe the activity: FUUUUN!

Yeung Man-han, an engineer, was a volunteer. He came with his two-year-old son, Long Long. “It is a very meaningful event,” Yeung said. “Children are very simple. They don’t want money or presents, they just need you to spend time with them.”


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