The 10 best Instagram accounts for when you need to keep calm

The 10 best Instagram accounts for when you need to keep calm

More than just memes and inspirational quotes, the app is also a great place for gorgeous pictures and cute animals that can help you de-stress

Instagram is an amazing app for keeping up with news and trends, and sharing what’s going on in your life. But it’s also just a really great place to find truly beautiful images.

For days when you just want to see something soothing, here are 10 of the best accounts to follow when, as Taylor says, you need to calm down.


An account that curates photos which reflect the aesthetic of movies by American director Wes Anderson. His films, such as Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, are famous for the use of symmetrical images, limited but vibrant colour palettes, and generally retro vibes.


________________________ Sands Club​ Treasure Cay, Abaco Island c. 2014 • Treasure Cay is a parcel of land connected to Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas. A tourist destination known for its sandy white beaches, visitors have been coming and going from Treasure Cay since the late 18th century • The Abaco Islands were first inhabited by the Lucayans, a branch of the Taínos, an indigenous people who inhabited most of the Caribbean islands. In 1783, 600 English Loyalists fleeing the tense atmosphere of a post-Revolutionary War America arrived on the Island. They founded the settlement of Carleton Point, named after Sir Guy Carleton, on the northern end of Sand Banks Cay near Treasure Cay. A hurricane hit in 1785, and the settlement was later deserted • However, the unpredictable weather conditions of the Caribbean didn’t stop more Englishmen from pouring in. Settlers continued to colonize the Island well into the 19th century, cultivating crops like sea island cotton and building ships to sustain their economy. The Island continued to operate under British rule until 1971 when the Prime Minister of the Bahamas announced his government's plans for independence from Britain • Today, those visiting Treasure Cay will find two major resorts - including the Sands Club - condos, villas, and private homes. Located nearby are local shops, a golf course, and a large marina that hosts seasonal fishing tournaments. Visitors can explore the pristine beaches along the Sea of Abaco or explore the nearby Blue Hole nestled in the island’s pine barrens • Know more? Please comment below! • : @maryschlacter : @kelly.murray : wikipedia • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #AccidentalWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vscotravel #TravelMore #TreasureCay #AbacoIsland #Bahamas

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As long as you’re not afraid of heights, there’s something very relaxing about these shots of rooftops, taken from the rooftops of buildings around the world (or aeroplane windows!). Who doesn’t love imagining themselves exploring the streets of Paris or the temples of Thailand?


It is a truth universally acknowledged that blue is one of the most soothing colours. What better, then, than an account that is 80 per cent underwater photos of the amazing sub-aquatic plants and animals met by scuba divers, from majestic turtles to magnificent coral reefs?


Because sometimes you just need photos of cute animals to get you through a slow afternoon, and double-tapping their ickle nosies makes the whole scrolling experience even more enjoyable.


Boop : @ayoitsarlo : Miniature Australian Shepherd #boopmynose •

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Yes, the images are heavily edited, but all the posts – from a pride of lions to the Alps to a busy city highway – are given the same sort of dreamy filter that instantly makes worries melt away. And BREATHE.


Hosted by a travel-loving couple, the neutral palette of this feed is an instant mental getaway from the craziness of daily life. If it inspires your future travel plans, so the better.


Bolo ____ We haven't visited a city with such an obvious and intentional colour palette as Bologna. On the taxi ride from the airport, its rusted tones of oranges, pinks, reds, and yellows were clear to us. Every subsequent stroll down its alleys and under its myriad of porticoes simply confirmed it - Bologna definitely has a look all of its own, and it wears it incredibly well. Imagine if every city had a colour scheme - how on earth would Instagram cope!? #TheConstantlyCurious #Bologna ____ #suitcasetravels #lightzine #searchwandercollect #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #folktravel #speechlessplaces #mydomainetravels #anotherescape #exploreobserveshare #stayandwander #chasingthelight #thebestescapes #inspiringwanderers #cntraveler #theprettycities #youmustsee #traveltheworld #openmyworld #wanderoften #darlingescapes #IamATraveler #travelinspiration #letsgosomewhere #roamtheplanet #IlikeItaly #Italymagazine #instagramitalia

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“Mignon” in French means “cute”, while the suffix “-ette” denotes a small version of whatever comes before – so this account name basically is super cute. There’s a real mix of content, from fashion and beauty to flowers galore, but we check it out mainly for the adorable animals. Hello pug dressed in sheep’s clothing.


It’s cold again.

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A Hongkonger who posts Wes Anderson-esque shots but with more saturated colours, particularly of aesthetic buildings and views around Asia.

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Travel pics galore, often with a 1970s filter over them, and just enough shots of sea, sand and sky to make you exhale without experiencing extreme jealousy.



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Because sometimes all you need to chill out is to see something gorgeous, like these naturally vivid swirls of colours of the sky.


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