This National Dog Day, we've got the top eight puppers you need to follow on Instagram

This National Dog Day, we've got the top eight puppers you need to follow on Instagram

Turn off that cat video you’ve watched 100 times, because today is all about celebrating all our canine friends from Boo to Loki the Wolfdog


Boo was known as The Cutest Dog in the World.

Today is officially the day of the dog - at least in the US, where it’s National Dog Day. While for a long time cats ruled the internet, with their grumpy faces and ability to fit in tiny boxes, doggos have been clawing their way past their feline rivals. We are celebrating the day with our favourite canine celebrities.


There are dogs, and then there is Boo: half-pupper, half-plushy. Boo was the internet’s top dog with more than 17.5 million likes on Facebook. He was known as the Cutest Dog in the World.

His owner, Irene Ahn, worked for Facebook, so that probably helped in his quest for fame. He really hit the big time, though, when singer Kesha tweeted about him. Boo died in January this year. Now, snapping at his stardom heels is Jiffpom.

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Boo-clone Jiffpom is a business-savvy entrepreneur – well, his owner is. He appeared in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video, has his own merchandise range, and even his own emoji. To be fair, it’s not just his owner’s doing. Jiff holds two Guinness World records, one for the fastest dog on its back paws and the other for fastest dog on his front paws.

The American pup moved to Hollywood from Chicago, and LA loved him so much the city gave him Jiff Day on August 20, 2014.


Talking husky Mishka shot to fame on YouTube where she would tell her human, “I love you”. The first video of her talking got more than 100 million views and an internet star was born.

Her human, Matt Gardea, trained her to say “Obama”, “hello”, “happy”, “no”, “thank you”, “bye bye”, and even “subscribe”. The video in which she says 12 distinct words has more than 22.5 million views. Sadly, Mishka died of cancer in 2017.


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A cross between a dachshund and a chihuahua (a chiweenie), Tuna has a massive overbite that makes him look like the world’s biggest under dog. But with almost 2 million followers on Instagram, he’s one of the top dogs.

His account @tunameltsmyheart is controlled by his human, Courtney Dasher, who at first called him Mr Burns because she thought he looked like the character from The Simpsons. The name Tuna came from his nickname “Tooney”.


Stains the Cupcake Dog

This Australian shepherd shot to fame for his dramatic reaction to a plate of cupcakes. Actually, his owners had called in Victoria Stilwell, a famous dog trainer, to help him with a few behavioural problems, one of which was stealing food, or “counter surfing” as it is known.

Stains really loved cupcakes. And when Stilwell presented him with a plate full of the delectable sweet treats he couldn’t believe his eyes. His hilarious reaction was caught on camera as part of It’s Me or the Dog in season 1, Episode 13. We’re not sure if Stains was ever fully cured as his owners found far better use for his talent – entertaining his internet fans.


Also known as Mensweardog, Bodhi the stylish shiba inu fell into modelling in 2013. Not your average cutely dressed doggo, Bodhi makes everyone jealous with his dapper style. He started out on Tumblr, when his humans, Yena Kim and David Fung, took him on a trip to the mountains, dressed him up and uploaded his pic.

It just so happens that Kim is a graphic designer and Fung is a fashion designer. The internet loves him. Now Bodhi is a legit fashion icon with features in The New York Times, doing adverts for Revlon and Victorinox.


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Loki the Wolfdog

Loki is huge! He’s a cross of husky, malamute and Arctic wolf. He’s a ’Gram boy with 2 million followers who love to see the beautiful pics he gets with his owner, Kelly Lund. If he’s not snuggling a sasquatch or lolling about on a floatable unicorn, he’s out in the most beautiful wild places imaginable.

Loki and Lund are on a mission to encourage their followers to make memories with their dogs and so far, they’re doing well.


Does this human make me look chubby?

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Better known as Poochofnyc, or The Bob Ross of Dogs, Agador rocks fashion and fame from New York City. The maltipoo (half Maltese, half poodle) sports a ’fro that makes him look just like the late internet art sensation, Bob Ross.

Agador and his human dad, Allan Monteron, come up with hilarious poses sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


"Jet lag  ... #thestruggleisreal ." #beingatourist  #sanfran  #agadorable 

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