Easter candy taste test 2019: All the best treats from Nestle, Cadbury, Kinder Chocolate and more

Easter candy taste test 2019: All the best treats from Nestle, Cadbury, Kinder Chocolate and more

Our Junior Reporters tell us which Easter treats are worth putting in your shopping basket and which would be better left hidden


Which Easter candy is worth your money? Our junior reporters risk their taste buds to find out.
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In the same way we look forward to opening presents at Christmas, we’re all looking forward to unwrapping loads of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs this Easter. Each year the selection of Easter egg products available at stores grows in variety, so we enlisted some junior reporters to help us weed out the egg-cellent treats from the not-so-great ones.

Extremely smooth and creamy.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Kinder Mini Eggs

Claire Lee, 13, from West Island School thought these were “extremely smooth and creamy”, adding that they were “sweet but not so sweet that you want to throw up”. Sha Tin College student Cheng Yui-hang, 15, agreed that the chocolate was very smooth. “Delectable and satisfying,” he said. “The epitome of quality chocolate.” Eleven-year-old Marymount Primary School student Hedia Wan, who has been a fan of Kinder products since she was little confirmed: “they still taste great.”

Verdict: Though it’s easy to dismiss them as smaller versions of the regular Kinder Surprise Eggs, these mini eggs have their own unique flavour and are the perfect size to pop in your mouth.

Just normal M&M’s but with a slightly different appearance.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

M&M’s Eggs

Stephanie Yip, 13, from Sha Tin College found these disappointing because they don’t have a crunchy candy shell surrounding the chocolate like regular M&M’s have. Twelve-year-old Green Oasis School student Coco Lam also didn’t think the eggs were very special either. “It’s just normal M&M’s but with a slightly different appearance.” Paarban Nath, 16, from American International School agreed saying it was “just a big M&M, which is nice and chocolatey, but otherwise ordinary”.

Verdict: Not substantially different from regular M&M’s, which is fine if you’re a fan of the brand anyways.

Creamy, crispy and following a winning formula.
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Nestle Crunch Minis

“Creamy” was the first word that came to mind for Coco, while Mimi said she enjoyed the crispy bits inside. Paarban’s only complaint was that they were too small so he had to eat quite a few.

“I love the mixture of chocolate and milk. Creamy is the first word that came to mind.”

Verdict: Very similar to regular Crunch bars but that’s ok because the original is great.

Excellent balance of chocolate and milk.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Cadbury Mini Creme Egg

Stephanie really enjoyed these. “When you bite into it, it’s delicious and almost perfect,” she said. Mimi Wong Wing-yan, 15, from HKMA K. S. Lo College added the balance of chocolate and milk is excellent. Claire found the eggs really nice and creamy, but said she found the filling too sugary.

Verdict: Everybody loves the creamy texture of the filling, but Cadbury should use less sugar next time.

Needs either more peanut butter or no peanut butter.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Nestle Butterfinger Nest Eggs

Paarban found these “highly disappointing”. “They managed to ruin peanut butter. Peanut butter!” he said, outraged. Hedia, however, wished the eggs had more peanut butter.

Stephanie complained the outer coating got stuck in her teeth. “It’s still stuck now!” she said a while after eating the egg.

Verdict: Some hated the peanut butter, some thought there wasn’t enough of it, but either way junior reporters weren’t fans of these eggs.

Chocolate didn’t taste like chocolate and the caramel didn’t taste like caramel. Skip this one.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Eggs

Mimi, Yui-hang, and Stephanie didn’t enjoy the dark chocolate combined with the sea salt caramel. “The taste of dark chocolate and caramel is not a good match,” said Yui-hang. Stephanie was rather confused by the flavours. “The chocolate didn’t taste like chocolate and the caramel didn’t taste like caramel. What is this?” she asked.

Verdict: The only good thing about this weird combination of dark chocolate and caramel is the beautiful packaging. Stay away.

Tart and sweet.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

SweeTARTS Easter Chicks Ducks & Bunnies

Hedia thought the name of these sweets was very suitable as they were both tart and sweet. However Claire and Paarban had issues with the flavour and texture. “No. Just no. Sour. It was hard and got weirdly powdery,” said Paarban. Claire added they “taste like vitamins”.

Verdict: The animal-shaped hard candies are cute, but no one really likes super sour candy that remind them of vitamins.

Get the original.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Maltesers Eggs

Mimi liked that these were not too sweet, but Claire and Stephanie both thought they didn’t stand up to the original. “Like regular Maltesers but disappointing because there isn’t much malt in them,” said Stephanie. “Get the original instead,” Claire suggested.

Verdict: A mixed response from our Junior Reporters, so if you want to go the safe route, buy normal Maltesers instead.

Weird texture, weird taste.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Sainsbury’s White Chocolate Mini Eggs

At first, Stephanie thought these looked boring, but found the crunchy bits “amazing”. No one was really a fan of the white chocolate, though. Paarban thought it had a weird texture and Hedia said it tasted weird, too.

Verdict: Is white chocolate even chocolate? Even if it is, the weird texture of these mini eggs is very good reason to steer clear.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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