Hearting HK: From secret spots to enjoy our famous skyline to chillax spots - what we love in the 852 this week

Hearting HK: From secret spots to enjoy our famous skyline to chillax spots - what we love in the 852 this week

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Secret scenic view

If you want the perfect view of the Hong Kong skyline, skip the Avenue of Stars (not that it isn’t fun) and the crowds, and head up to Marco Polo Hotel’s rooftop car park. It’s our favourite secret spot in the city. You can also look towards The Peak at night and watch the twinkling lights of camera flashes. For those of us who have grown up abroad, we like to think people are up there looking at the city below, and finding things to love about it like we have over time.

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Feast on roast meat dishes

A cornerstone of Cantonese cuisine, the roasted meats are a common sight, with almost every restaurant serving such dishes. And unlike snobby, high-end exotic food, siu mei is inexpensive and affordable for the masses. Especially so if you are willing to wait for the daily lunch rush to clear and eat later when most places offer economical tea sets. Slap on milk tea on the side and you have a tasty meal right there.

Chillax at Tai Tong Organic Farm

Most people in Hong Kong aren’t aware there are farms in the city that are open to the public. Tai Tong Organic Ecopark, in Yuen Long, is a good place to hang out with your friends. The 30-acre farm offers strawberry and lychee picking activities, as well as horse-riding, fishing and a barbecue that’s perfect for a big day out with your mates.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Long Ping and hop on the no. K66 bus to Tai Tong, get off at Tai Tong Shan Road, and follow the signs to the Ecopark.

The sound of Hong Kong life

Embrace your artistic side

Tai Ping Shan Street, in Sheung Wan, is a very diverse place. From cha chaan teng to tiny cafes to cool vintage shops, it’s definitely a place where you can experience multiple cultures. The fact that there usually aren’t a lot of people is very attractive as well. The pace there seems to be so much slower, even though it’s just right next to one of the busiest districts in Hong Kong. There are a lot of colourful street art around the area. Some people like to go there just to shoot some artsy photos, while taking a relaxing stroll. All in all, Tai Ping Shan Street is a hidden gem.

Terrific transport system

It’s easy to take for granted the convenience and efficiency of travelling by MTR. Those of us who have lived in and travelled across Europe have realised that trains don’t always come on time, and that the delays in Hong Kong’s rail services, compared to other countries, are unbelievably infrequent, if not short. We can’t believe that the MTR is on the news even when there are only slight delays!

A taste of nature

While the city is known for its iconic skyline, there are in fact a lot of beautiful trails in this concrete jungle. We enjoy walking up the Lung Fu Shan Morning Trail that begins at the University of Hong Kong and ends at Lugard Road, where you can admire the spectacular views of the Victoria Harbour. This two-hour hike is perfect for beginners: there are well-paved paths and several rest points. If you are into history like we are, you can also stop by the historic Pinewood Battery near the intersection of Lugard and Harlech roads, which was built in 1903 and was used during the second world war.

If you have a place you would like us to check out, or you’d like to review a place, send us an email at yp@scmp.com with “heart hk” in the subject field. Don’t forget to include your name, school and contact details.

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