Get out of your comfort zone and live the life you want - because if not now, then when?

Get out of your comfort zone and live the life you want - because if not now, then when?

A Secondary Six student’s inspirational story reminds us to try hard and stick to the values we believe in


In Transform, Wai-man recalls her “adventure”.
Photo: Unicef HK

Transformers don’t just appear in your dreams or Hollywood; they’re there in real life, too.

There was once a timid girl who was extremely bad at communication and she had no friends. As a result, she was alone most of the time.

She was even too nervous to raise her hand to seek permission to go for a toilet break during class, never mind expressing herself in front of others. She cared so much about the opinions of others. She was so sensitive that she could be devastated for a whole day simply because of a mindless mistake. She called herself a “caterpillar”.

When you know what your goal is, stick with it and be ready to fight for it

That “caterpillar” was Wai-man, a Secondary Six student who was determined to get rid of her quiet girl label.

“I want to change so that I can pursue what I want,” she said. So, she joined the Radio Society and started speaking up for herself. In addition, she took part in exchange tours and made friends. Slowly, she became a girl who loves to smile and laugh. She was no more a shy “caterpillar”; she was a colourful butterfly. Wai-man’s video records her dramatic transformation from shy to social, and the dilemma she faced during her time of change. Her story reminds us to try hard and stick to the values we believe in.

“We are young, and if we are not willing to try now, then when is the right time?” she asks. As the saying goes: “Being young is always the best time for adventure”.

Everyone has different hobbies and interests- find your tribe and ignore the haters

Wai-man tried hard to step out of her comfort zone, embracing a new life with confidence and courage.

“It is common to face obstacles, but the fruitful results are definitely worth it. The process is long and sometimes bitter, but I am still learning how to enjoy it,” Wai-man says.

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