Crystals guide: What do the most popular gems mean and what powers are they believed to possess?

Crystals guide: What do the most popular gems mean and what powers are they believed to possess?

If you’ve ever wondered why people wear amethyst for their health, or what moonstone really means, we have all the answers
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Pay a visit to one of Hong Kong’s small-scale malls like Kwai Chung Plaza in Kwai Fong, and you’ll notice how many semi-precious stone bracelets are on sale. What was once a trinket kept for superstitious purposes by older generations has become a hot accessory among young people. Young Post spoke to several sellers of these gemstone bracelets to find out which stones are the most popular among young buyers, and the traditional beliefs behind each one.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a favourite among teens, say crystal sellers Lee Mei-ling from Lap Sun Gem Company, Cheng Pak-ping, owner of Ai Zhi Yuan, and Fion Tse from Joli Shop in Sham Shui Po.

Thanks to its pink hue, rose quartz is often associated with romance. The gem is thought to help attract new love, boost current relationships, and help heal a broken heart. It is also supposed to strengthen existing family and friendship bonds. For teens experiencing their first crush, or struggling to get along with their parents, this stone has obvious appeal.

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Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz believed to help calm the mind, heighten intuitiveness, increase focus, and enhance memory – making it a great lucky charm to wear before an exam. It is thought to especially come in handy for anyone working in a creative industry such as art or music, as it is said to remove mental blocks. Again, it’s perhaps no wonder that this gemstone is also flying off the shelves, says Tse.


Tse explains that a lot of teens pick this black gem for their boyfriends. Traditionally, it offers grounding and protection, helping the wearer to overcome adversities and expelling negative energy. It is also believed to give strength to patients suffering from serious illnesses.

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Moonstone has a cloudy white translucent colour, and its properties are said to be related to love – a recurring theme in this list. Moonstone can help to attract potential partners and make existing relationships more stable and peaceful. If you have a tendency to be hot-headed or feel restless, this stone can help to soothe negative emotions and bring peace of mind.


This stone is another popular choice thanks to its range of beautiful colours, the most common of which are pink, purple and blue. Similar to rose quartz, morganite is said to help nurture relationships. It alleviates negative feelings and helps to restore happiness. While Lee says the stone’s main appeal is its colour, it will also no doubt come in handy for teens who are stressing over exams or relationships.

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