The unluckiest days Young Post and our junior reporters have ever had will make you laugh out loud this Friday 13th

The unluckiest days Young Post and our junior reporters have ever had will make you laugh out loud this Friday 13th

From missing the MTR to getting covered in soy sauce, here are the unluckiest things to have happened to the YP team and some of our readers

While Friday 13 may be considered the unluckiest date on the calendar, bad luck can creep up on us any day of the year. Here are some of the misfortunes that have fallen upon the Young Post team and some of our readers.

Not in the face!

I guess the most memorable unlucky experience I’ve ever had was when I was in Year 8 in Britain, when the substitute teacher didn’t show up for our Guidance lesson in the school sports hall. The boys in my class found a pile of basketballs and decided to kick one about in a game of football – which would have been fine, but I got nailed in the face by their stupid ball rebounding off the wall about three times in one hour. That’s pretty unlucky.

Ginny Wong, Sub-editor

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A soy surprise

When I was living in Britain, I tried moving house across the country via public transport. I managed to fit all my belongings into two suitcases and, to avoid wasting food, I filled a bag with my leftover food from my cupboards, which included a large bottle of soy sauce. I was lifting a suitcase onto the train, when I dropped the bag. The soy sauce bottle shattered, covering me and everything I owned. What followed next was several hours of travelling during rush hour, dripping in sauce and smelling like a Chinese takeaway restaurant.

Joshua Lee, Reporter

Unlucky number

My high-school chemistry teacher decided to schedule a test on one of the most confusing topics ever on Friday 13. Being quite superstitious, I knew this was going to be a lost cause. Nevertheless, I studied hard in the days leading up to it. But on the day of the test, I had zero idea what any of the questions were about. I ended up failing the test, and still blame Friday 13 for my misfortune. It’s a valid excuse, right?

Rhea Mogul, Reporter

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Snap (un)happy

It’s hard to think of an unlucky experience because I don’t tend to think of myself as being unlucky. But the most memorable and sad moments I’ve had was losing my new digital camera – a birthday present – the day after I got it. This happened because I was so excited to look at it, I took it out of my backpack to look at it when I was on a bus … which is also where I accidentally left it.

Nicola Chan, Reporter

Not a great trip

I was visiting my friends in Vancouver in Canada for a day, when I left my bag inside the car I rented. I was only at a friend’s flat for a few hours, but by the time I came back, one of the car windows had been smashed and my backpack. It had my passport, wallet, clothes, expensive sunglasses, and my 3DS (with my extensive Pokemon collection) in it. I was actually on my way back to Hong Kong, so I had to explain my situation to immigration at the airport later that day and had to pay for the damage done to the rented car.

Ben Young, Content executive

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Hours, and hours, and hours

On a school trip to Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, we arrived at the airport in Chengdu to discover our connecting flight was overbooked. The airline staff made us wait for hours, only to tell us that we should probably check into a hotel. After we checked in at 1am, we received a call saying there was a plane we could get on at 4am. Suffice to say, none of us were happy about only getting 2 hours of rest. In an unrelated incident on the same trip, the ceiling of one of the hotel rooms caved in while the occupants were sleeping.

Edmund Ho, Reporter


It was on my Mongolia trip, flying from Moron – a transport hub in the north – to Ulaanbatar, the capital. The flight was delayed, and three airport staff gave me three versions of estimated take-off time: half an hour, three hours, and simply “I don’t know”.

The wait wasn’t too bad because I had my Kindle with me, but then I started getting hungry. I looked for food, but there was nothing. There was a counter at the airport where I could see chocolate and crisps, but it was closed and locked. Not only that – I knew I wouldn’t get any food on board my plane either …

Young Wang, Senior reporter

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Uhm, wrong airport

This really has less to do with bad luck and more to do with me just being an inept human being, but I tend to mess up travel plans a lot. I’ve booked flights for the wrong day or to the wrong airport, or booked flights at the correct airport but then shown up at the wrong one. I also once booked what I thought was a train journey but turned out to be a bus and a boat … it’s a whole thing.

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge, Sub-editor

This is not the friend’s son you’re looking for

I’m not sure if this is bad luck or just an example of my own incompetence, but the forecast was for rain and I had my umbrella with me. Because I thought I was alone, and also because I’m a complete nerd, I started waving it around like a lightsabre and making lightsabre noises (It goes like “Schvrmmmmmmmmm! Kwishuuuuuuuuuuu! Vrummmmmmmm!” in case you’re wondering). Anyway, I smacked a middle-aged lady in the head, and it turned out she was my friend’s mum.

Jamie Lam, Sub-editor

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MTR madness

Every single time I’m in a rush, I feel like I get to an MTR station platform just to see the train doors close right in my face, through which I see the passengers inside smiling smugly. (Okay, maybe I’m just imagining the last bit.)

Bakhita Fung, 17, Island School

The dog ate my homework?

I used to be a real teacher’s pet and I would do every homework assignment – even the optional ones – until, one day, I forgot to do my homework. That ONE time, my teacher picks me to share my answers with the entire class, and I had to admit I hadn’t done it. After that day, that teacher kept making offhand comments to me about I was “lacking attitude towards my studies”. GRRRRRR!

Angelina Wang, 16, Chinese International School

I don’t want to talk about it

Once, I went to eat noodles with my friends in Kowloon City. After I had almost finished the whole bowl, I noticed there was a brown thing … okay I’ll stop.

Eunice Yip, 17, Pooi To Middle School

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Born on an unlucky day

I remember once, when I went swimming with my family, someone grabbed me. My first thought was that it was a kid, but turns out it was a university student, who was probably playing truth or dare with his friend. If we’re on about a weird experience … well, if I were superstitious then I would probably blame every unlucky experience I’ve ever had on the fact that I was born on a Black Friday.

Ally Chan, 16, Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

A splash and a fall

When I was Primary Five and learning to swim, I accidentally slipped on the wet floor and fell into the pool. How unlucky am I? I always recall that moment whenever I see people swimming.

Wong Wing-yan, 14, The Hong Kong Management Association K S Lo College

Edited by Ginny Wong

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