Watch this girl with the most infectious laugh combine her love of art and eating

Watch this girl with the most infectious laugh combine her love of art and eating

Lau Sin-tung’s video shows that children should not be forced to take part in activities they don’t like


The joy on this student's face represents someone who can choose their own path in life.
Photo: Unicef HK

Everyone has their own reason for taking part in the Make A Video Contest. I hoped to learn something that has nothing to do with the school curriculum. But more importantly, I wanted to tell a story. The story is about happiness. Imagine an adult forcing a kid to take part in an extracurricular activity that he dislikes. I am sure he’ll be very unhappy.

My video, The Joy of Eating, tells a happy story where children can do things they like. I believe this will bring them great joy. Unfortunately, not all children have such opportunities, so I wanted my video to inspire them to try things that interest them.

This girl had the courage to show that being different is her biggest strength

My video is about my passion – eating. While making my video, I practically ate non-stop. I ate sweets, biscuits and bread. Also, during the production of the video, I prepared my own food, and this made the process more interesting and engaging.

I learned a lot during the workshop which was held before we started filming. For example, different angles can help convey different ideas. Also, the camp’s instructor was very nice, and I hope to make another video soon. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

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Do what makes you happy


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