This girl had the courage to show that being different is her biggest strength

This girl had the courage to show that being different is her biggest strength

By producing the video, one student shows her classmates that her skills are not limited to art


Wong Kei-yuet's drawings might not be the most beautiful, but art gives meaning to her life.
Photo: Unicef HK

I am a junior secondary student, and my interests are somewhat different from my peers. Most of my classmates collect flash cards and posters of K-pop stars, or listen to K-pop music. I listen to music, too, but I also enjoy writing, acting and drawing.

When it comes to drawing, I am rather unconventional. I don’t draw anime girls, but rather a simple, ordinary stick figure, or “Matchman”. It’s like a round object stuck onto a wooden pole. However, without hair or clothing, it doesn’t look like a human, so I started drawing a more natural object called “Saturnman”. I called it an extraterrestrial being because it is a simplified version of the Matchman. I have been drawing Saturnman for six years, since it is very easy to sketch.

How getting behind the camera helped this student put his true self forward

Even though I had learned to draw while in kindergarten and primary school, I actually didn’t improve a lot, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goal of becoming an animator. My family encourages my drawing, but I don’t get much support from my classmates. The reason is that they draw pretty, lifelike anime girls. There’s a big distance now between us, because their drawings are sophisticated whereas my sketches are simple and ordinary.

Whenever I show my drawings to my classmates, I receive a barrage of criticism and laughter. The nicer classmates teach me how to draw anime girls, but the others say that I should stop drawing because it’s a waste of time.

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I produced the video, Colourful Pencils, to show that I have the courage to tell my story. I have no problem showing the video to my classmates because I want them to know that my skills go beyond drawing. Rather, I am like the anime girls they draw – full of vibrancy and vitality

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