Epic Rap Battles, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and 15 other social media accounts to start following right now

Epic Rap Battles, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and 15 other social media accounts to start following right now

Whether you're looking for productivity tips or just a funny meme, these guy-centric social media accounts are guaranteed to add some joy to your life


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's social media skills are gold.

We know you’re busy with school, study and trying very occasionally to fit in some socialising. But when you need a 10-minute brain break, there’s nothing like mindlessly mining your social media. We’ve picked 17 of the best accounts across YouTube, Instagram and Twitter we’re following this Brovember that offer guys in particular food for thought, inspiration, and a LOT of laughs.


1. Epic Rap Battles
A series created by two dudes who decided to portray historical figures and pit them against one another in the toughest of arenas: through the medium of rap. Think Dr Seuss vs Shakespeare, Batman vs Sherlock Holmes or Gandalf vs Dumbledore.

2. The Report of the Week
AKA Reviewbrah, “John” has been posting food and drink reviews on YouTube since 2011. But rather than taste haute cuisine and the latest trendy creations from demon chefs, this channel is filled with videos of John talking direct to camera about everyday items like Burger King spicy chicken nuggets, and Starbucks zombie frappuccino (um, why didn’t we get those in HK?). His 1940s-style office wear adds an unexpected charm, proving you don’t have to be a “bro” to get your voice heard.

3. Andrew Huang
This Canadian music producer does everything from offering music tips and writing raps without using words featuring the letter “e” to comparing recording gear and recording songs played with common breakfast foods. One for musos everywhere, whether you’re into Beethoven or Imagine Dragons.

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4. Cinemasins
This account wants to remind film lovers that no release is perfect. In their own words, “No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.” They’re not afraid to attack even the most beloved blockbusters, recording a critique over scenes from the film to ridicule the clichés in a series called “Everything Wrong With …”. They also feature recipes that could or should have appeared in films they diss, and offer (far from serious) tips on how to make, for example, a Michael Bay movie.

5. Crash Course
This account started by the VlogBrothers (author John Green and his actual brother Hank) features 10-minute lessons in almost anything you could ever want to know about: how special effects work, cybersecurity, world mythology, the Cold War, algorithms, Shakespeare’s sonnets, the psychology of gaming … yeah, maybe save this one for the holidays.

6. VSauce
More science, technology, maths philosophy, tech and culture, discussed in videos that make you wish your teachers had time to rewrite the syllabus and do what they do.

7. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
A dorky Brit talking about American politics for half an hour every week shouldn’t be popular, let alone hilarious, but this. This is genius. A word of warning: he swears a LOT.

8. Screen Junkies
Honest trailers! Movie analysis! Best-representation-of-a-character battle! If you love movies, but hate when they take themselves too seriously, this channel is for you. Unless you have an assignment due, because you will spend hours here …

How It Should Have Ended is an animated web series that creates parodies of popular films, focusing on obvious flaws in the film, and writing alternate endings. Hilarious, and so, so clever.

10. Nerdwriter
Could this be the most dangerous YouTube vortex in existence? With videos on everything from how The Beatles changed album art and why Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the best in the series (Ed: debatable) to what should be done with beached whales and the origins of time travel, once you start watching, you may not stop. You have been warned.


11. @big_ben_clock
We don’t want to spoil it. Check it out. It’s amazing.


12. @Productivityist
One for the procrastinators, this account posts hints, tips and articles on working more efficiently, and achieving all you’re capable of. 


13. @waverider_
New Zealander Liam Martin started recreating celebrity photos a few years ago as a teenager, and has gone from strength to strength. Whether you appreciate the effort he goes to in duplicating some pretty iconic looks, or are just looking for lolz, there’s plenty here to divert you.


You can call me QUEEN Bey, but I ain't ever been royal... 

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14. @SadTopographies
Yes, we may have Happy Valley in HK, but there are plenty of far less optimistically-named places in the world from Depressed Lake to Hateful Hill. It’s funny, because it’s true.


America #america

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15. @dylanwerneryoga
If you’ve ever dismissed yoga because it’s weak, you haven’t seen people doing yoga. Insane strength, with bonus travel photos.


What you project is what others reflect. If one person is mean or rude to you, chances are it has nothing to do with you. If everyone you meet is nasty and offensive and treats you poorly, it's probably because of what you are projecting. Negativity will always create more negativity, yet so many people will illuminate what is negative in hopes that it will bring positivity. I'm not suggesting to ignore that which is wrong with the world, just how we approach it. The math is simple. Negative and a negative create more negative where negative and positive cancel each other out. With this equation, love is the answer. I look at how kind-hearted people bring out the best qualities in others. If you want to see love and kindness in everyone, polish your mirror and reflect the good in others.

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16. @beigecardigan
Memes! Memes! Memes! All the memes!


This will change the way I exist forever

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17. @therock
Like you need an explanation as to why you should follow the coolest man alive.



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