Five last-minute ideas if you forgot it was Mother’s Day

Five last-minute ideas if you forgot it was Mother’s Day

It's Mother’s Day! Today’s the day we celebrate those women who love us unconditionally, who feed and water us, clean up after us, nag us to do homework, complain we’re not listening... but they only do it out of love!

Hopefully you planned your mother’s day treats and gifts days, if not weeks, ago. But for those of you who just plain forgot, and are only just realising it’s too late to book a restaurant, here are some last-minute ways to keep your mum happy on her special day.

For the mum who loves to give back

Adopt a panda – or a polar bear, orangutan, Chinese white dolphin ... If your mum is an animal lover, head to to symbolically adopt an endangered species. For HK$300, you can help to protect the creatures’ habitat, and know you’ve made a difference to their future. Plus, your mum will get a cuddly toy version of the animal she’s adopted. Aww.

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Or, if your mum is super charitable, but has never let you have a pet, let her choose where your hard-saved pocket money goes. Buy a gift e-card at for as much as you can afford, then let her decide how to spend it. Charities range from food waste pioneers and environmental protection warriors to arts education and cancer research.

For the mum who likes to move

Shrug off your usual embarrassment of being seen in public with your mum, and get her to let her hair down. Hong Kong’s trampoline parks Ryze and Bounce are perfect places to shake off stress and get a little crazy. Don’t be surprised if your mum has better moves than you do ...

For the overworked mother

Give your mum the day off, and fend for yourself, food-wise. If your mother is the one who usually cooks for the family, forbid her from entering the kitchen, and show that you can take care of everyone’s nutritional needs for the day.

Breakfast in bed recipes for an even bigger treat!

Say it in song

In the old days, people made mixed tapes for friends, crushes, or just those they loved. Instead, why not put together a Spotify or Youtube playlist, full of songs that she loves, or that explain how you feel about her, and send her the link. You don’t need to spend money to express your gratitude to the woman who loves you best.

If all else fails...

If you’ve just left it too late to do anything other than make a card out of a piece of paper you found lying around, fret not. Pick up a copy of today’s Sunday Young Post, and cut out the coupon on the front page (glue it to a piece of cardboard if you can find one). Then fill in the blank with something you can buy or do for Mum another day. You can promise anything, from weekend brunch or a new book, to unlimited hugs, a pledge not to argue with your siblings, a shoulder massage, an hour session explaining how to use Instagram (again...) – make it personal, and do it with love!



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