9 incredibly beautiful #nofilter Instagram spots that capture the essence of Hong Kong

9 incredibly beautiful #nofilter Instagram spots that capture the essence of Hong Kong

Think your Instagram game is strong? Make your friends jealous with even more sick new uploads of Cantonese graffiti, cylindrical towers and picturesque waterfalls.


West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade is a photographer's dream.
Photo: Heidi Yeung/SCMP

Last September, we shared our top 10 places to snap a shot for Instagram. We decided, with summer holiday fast approaching, it was time for a second edition. So without further ado, here are our nine amazing places to visit for the ultimate #homekong post. And don't forget to check out our #YPIG9 competition!

West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade

It involves a bit of a walk from Elements, but the relative peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city, soothing Victoria Harbour views, graceful landscape design, , and uninterrupted skyline of Hong Kong Island makes it an unbeatable photography location. Whether it’s bright and sunny in the middle of the day, or at dusk with a stunning sunset as your backdrop, it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo here.

Devil’s Peak

Despite its scary name, this hilltop offers heavenly views of Victoria Harbour. It’s a bit of a trek – it will take you 20-30 minutes from Yau Tong MTR station, but it’s worth it (if you’re into hiking, this is perfect because it’s on the Wilson Trail). There are also remains of military structures from the first and second world war eras. History FTW. 

Photo: @sukating

60 Hung To Road

There’s an alley way by this building that offers an artistic oasis among a forest of old, grey blocks. The range of Cantonese graffiti is a fascinating backdrop to a more stylised shot, perfect for anyone who peppers their feed with cool #ootd photos. The alleyway is a five-minute walk from both Kwun Tong MTR station, and Kwun Tong Ferry pier.

Photo: @y_c_hk

Top 10 places in Hong Kong to take an insanely beautiful photo - #nofilterneeded!

Sai Wan rock pool

Sai Kung in general is pretty picturesque, but perhaps nowhere in the district offers quite so many opportunities for great photos and a perfect place to chill with friends: think cliffs, natural pools, clear water and even a waterfall. It’s a good  30-40 minute walk from Sai Wan Pavilion bus stop (KMB 29R), or 20-30 minutes if you’ve taken a boat over to Ham Tin Beach, so take plenty of water, sunscreen and a picnic, then pretend you’ve just got off a plane somewhere exotic.

Photo: @debbyxlau

Wai Yip Street Pedestrian Bridge

As seen in the Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue movie Love in a Puff, this startlingly white bridge, with its large windows that allow an interesting play of light, is almost guaranteed to increase your followers. Bonus: it’s only a five-minute walk from Ngau Tau Kok MTR Exit B6.

Photo: @Hildaiisstillalive

Montane Mansion

As at Oi Man estate in Ho Man Tin, the only way is up here – looking up, that is. The flats here have balconies, which adds to the sense of movement (compared to the walls at Oi Man which are sheerer and so have a more tunnel-like, rather menacing effect). If you go there at night, the lights from the apartments add yet another dimension. Montane Mansion is a five-minute walk from Tai Koo MTR Exit B.

Photo: @shibaann

Aircraft maintenance area

This is an underrated photo spot, but offers amazing opportunities for shots of planes. It’s near the end of the runway, so you’re really close to the aircraft when they take off or head in for landing. They often fly right above your head. If you go at night, you can get even better photos. Take the S52 bus from Tung Chung MTR station to get there.

Photo: @cherry.lau

Garden Hill 

Given the photos taken from this spot, you’d be forgiven for assuming a two-hour hike was required. Surprisingly, this peak is just above Sham Shui Po, and only about 20 minutes from the MTR station. Named for the local bakery, the hill is only a little taller than most of the surrounding buildings, giving a very interesting perspective. To get there, you have to pass Mei Ho House, another opportunity for awesome IG shots.

Photo: @ying_9132

Lai Tak Tsuen

Another estate, but an absolutely unique one: the towers are cylindrical. They may not look particularly photogenic from the outside, but step within the walls and look up (see above). Try this early in the day or as the sun is setting as it’s a sweaty 20-minute walk up a hill from Tin Hau MTR Exit B.

Photo: @vincentcheung1119


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