Family blessings the key for hitting the high notes

Family blessings the key for hitting the high notes

Parents offer unconditional support to student whose dream is to become a singer


In the video Promise, Tsoi Fung-mei highlights the important role played by parents in helping their children achieve their dreams.

We all have dreams and I am no exception. My dream is to become a singer, and express my feelings and influence others through music.

There have been a lot of obstacles during my musical journey. I am grateful for all the support I have received from my family. This has made me more determined to do everything I can to achieve my dream.

At first, I didn’t dare to sing on stage. But my two brothers encouraged me to sing in front of a crowd, and that is how I got my early training. Later on, I took part in a singing contest. Although I lost, my sister did not give up on me. She shared my video online and I saw that many people had viewed it.

I could never thank my parents enough for encouraging me when I was down, and for supporting me for 16 years. Therefore, I have composed a song for them. A Childhood Promise is the first self-composed song that I sang in public. It is a promise I made to my parents that, one day, I will sing a song I’d written on stage and make them proud of my performance.

The song praises my parents for their unconditional support which helped me pursue my dream. I would not have overcome all the hardships without them.

I also wish to dedicate the song to parents who may sometimes think that having a dream is unrealistic and that children should focus on their studies.

I believe every child wishes to have their parents’ support in pursuing their dreams. A simple word of encouragement will give them the motivation to keep going.

At last, I wish that all parents and children will “walk hand in hand with each other forever, for better or worse” – a message I conveyed in my song’s lyrics.

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