Hong Kong teenager puts herself in her mum’s shoes in video, Family, for Unicef

Hong Kong teenager puts herself in her mum’s shoes in video, Family, for Unicef

It’s easy to get angry at parents for being too controlling or too absent, but try imagining what life is like for them


ypo May 6, 2016 Unicef feat Screengrab of Lai Yee Man's UNICEF video project

When I was a kid, I did not own as many things as my classmates. After my father passed away, raising three children was really a burden to the family and I was sent to mainland China to live with my grandmother.

However, I knew that this was not my lifelong home and I had to learn to take care of myself. So, I focused on school, and didn’t waste time playing.

Through my video, Family, I hope to share the difficulties my mum faces. She works long hours, and still shows up for my performances, but she is so tired that she sometimes dozes off during the show.

In the past, I used to blame her for being late for Parent’s Day or leaving early at school activities. Now I try to put myself in her shoes and imagine the difficulties she is facing. I am still a bit unhappy, but I understand that Mum is really tired after a day of work, and it is not fair to blame her.

Parents are always busy at work, but they should care more for their children. This should be the priority. Children are too young to be left without proper guidance and care.

It is not easy for parents to strike the right balance. If they show too much concern, their children may be annoyed because they can’t do whatever they want. But if parents are neglectful, the children might feel hopeless.

Children should appreciate their parents and show their appreciation in various ways, such as comforting them with a warm smile or a gentle massage on their shoulders to ease their stress. This is a kind of filial piety. Everyone in the family has a duty to make the home a loving one.

Unicef HK’s “Believe in Zero, Make a Video” competition gives young people a chance to express themselves through video. The project is co-organised by Unicef HK and the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s IVFA, with support from Young Post. Check out the videos here, and you can email your feedback to edu@unicef.org.hk

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Putting herself in Mum’s shoes


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