HK's smog is suffocating our childhood says HK student in Unicef competition video

HK's smog is suffocating our childhood says HK student in Unicef competition video

Young HKers are missing out on green spaces and clean air, laments on


In her video, Kelly Wong compares her upbringing to her mother's, who was brought up in a rural village

I live in To Kwa Wan, which is a very crowded area. As a result, I am growing up in a seriously polluted environment.

My video, To Kwa Wan, is about my mum’s upbringing in a rural village. She was able to enjoy beautiful scenery, see flowers and grassland, hear insects and birds, and breathe fresh air. There were no smartphones or iPads at the time , so the villagers formed strong, genuine friendships.

Living in To Kwa Wan, I have to pass construction sites, like the Sha Tin to Central railway project, to get to school. I also have to deal with exhaust fumes from passing cars, factories and lots of noise.

I’ve noticed how alienated we’ve become from one another. As people walk along the street, their faces are blank as they focus on their phones. When someone needs help, they are simply ignored by others.

Never underestimate how teachers can affect how much or well their students learn

So, I would like to share a message with the developing districts in Hong Kong. Most children living in old districts would prefer to live in relaxing and happy places.

I never want to leave my home, as the annoying noise and the terrible smell outside make me tired. I would be much more comfortable in a natural environment.

By improving the environment, the government can also improve the lives of young people.

The government should think of the children, who are the future pillars of society. A good education is vital, but ensuring the future of young Hongkongers starts with creating a clean and calm environment for them to grow.

Unicef HK’s “Believe in Zero, Make a Video” competition gives young people a chance to express themselves through video. The project is co-organised by Unicef HK and the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s IVFA, with support from Young Post. Check out the videos here, and you can email your feedback to


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