Puppet Girl wants you to stop pulling her strings and let her be free

Puppet Girl wants you to stop pulling her strings and let her be free

Ng Miu-ling wanted to study visual arts but was persuaded by her parents to choose chemistry


Ng Miu-ling's video shows that parents should respect children's rights.

I am Miumiu, a careless girl with a poor memory. My friends think I am a barrel of laughs. Yet there are invisible shackles behind my smile.

I was born into an ordinary family and my parents truly love me and care about me. When I was small, my mother always worried about me because I liked climbing. I understood that she was just being cautious, so I often followed her advice.

I took up drawing later. My mum was concerned when she found out that my dream was to become an artist. She warned me that most artists had a difficult life and only became famous after death. She kept asking me to study maths since she wanted me to have a stable job in the future and be able to support myself.

Unicef’s Make a Video programme gives voice to Hong Kong students’ problems

When it came to the important moment of choosing the electives for secondary school, I thought my mum would recognise my artistic achievements. Unfortunately, she heard from others that only science students had a good future. She rejected my request to study visual arts. She asked me to study chemistry instead. I strongly disagreed. Why can’t I make my own choice?

On the other hand, I know that mothers always want the best for their children, so how can I go against her will?

I completely understand that this is how a mother shows her love to her children, but I still need my freedom. I took a witty and interesting approach in my video, Puppet Girl, to express the idea that parents should respect children’s rights. I hope this will make more people aware of the issue.

Unicef HK’s “Believe in Zero, Make a Video” competition gives young people a chance to express themselves through video. The project is co-organised by Unicef HK and the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s IVFA, with support from Young Post. Check out the videos here, and you can email your feedback to edu@unicef.org.hk

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Puppet Girl wants freedom


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