You need to fall in order to get back up again, and get back up stronger

You need to fall in order to get back up again, and get back up stronger

Without failing, how can we learn? Avid cyclist Ho Kin-lok doesn't want to stop biking because of a few injuries


Ho Kin-lok made Learn to Love to show his father how much biking means to him, and why he wants to carry on despite being seriously injured a few times.

I grew up in a normal family. Though we aren’t wealthy, I have everything I need. I go to school in Tai Po, but don’t  work hard enough to get good results.

My favourite hobbies are biking and fishing. Biking lets me gain a sense of freedom, while fishing allows me to think deeply. However, I’ve been seriously injured a few times while riding my bike.

My dad taught me how to ride a bike, but now wants me to stop after my accidents. I made this video to tell my father how I feel.

I get angry and regretful when talking about cycling. I feel angry because my dad won’t let me buy a new bike. It’s not just him – my friends aren’t keen on me cycling either.

They say: “It’s too dangerous” and “Please don’t ride your bike any more.” Of course I understand the risks of biking. Every injury has taught me a lesson. But it’ll all be for nothing if I give up on what I love.

People tend focus on the result, and forget it’s important to make mistakes along the way. How can we fully grow up without challenges?
I hope this video will make my dad understand me, and choose to support me and my hobby. I can protect myself and won’t give up no matter how difficult the journey is.

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The bumpy road is worth it


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