Indonesia youth views: what would you tell world leaders at COP21 about climate change?

Indonesia youth views: what would you tell world leaders at COP21 about climate change?

Young Post, and six other youth publications from around the world, asked readers to answer two questions about environmental issues. Here are their responses.

The questions we asked

If you could give a speech to the world leaders at COP 21, what would you say?
2 What do you usually do to help the environment?

Ramadhan Nuraiman Bisri, 18

Photo: Kompas Daily

1 Please stop wars and all the theatrics at the expense of nature and human. Nature does not climate change by itself. 

2 Switch to alternative energy like solar panels for electricity. We can exchange air conditioning for sitting in the shade of a tree in your yard. And you must replace plastic bags; you can buy cloth or other reusable bags.

Farsha Abyan Abiyyi Hadiwidjaja, 18

Photo: Kompas Daily

1 We need to change to fuels that are more friendly to the environment. But before we make that huge leap, we must reduce the main sources of pollution itself. The way to accomplish this is with teamwork between developed countries and developing countries, because this is our Earth: the place that we live and our onlyhome.

2 Reduce the use of plastic bags, and use public transportation.



Tiara Hayuningtyas Mulya, 18

Photo: Kompas Daily

1 Developing and developed almost sound similar but yet so different. I have lived in both developing and developed countries. Somehow, I don’t feel much difference. I don’t understand politics. But I do understand if someone really wants something, they'll do it with heart. To all the leaders of all countries. You were the ones who stepped up to be in charge. And now, you are the ones that have been choosen. Please don't waste the trust that your citizens have given to you all. They believe that you are going to make a change. And I do believe that too.

2 In my daily life, i always bring my tumbler everywhere I go, it's such an easy step, but it has a huge impact since it will reduce the use of plastic bottles. I don't use an air conditioner in my room - well, I live in Malang which has really nice weather. I only need to open my window daily to get fresh air.


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