Norway youth views: what would you tell world leaders at COP21 about climate change?

Norway youth views: what would you tell world leaders at COP21 about climate change?

Young Post, and six other youth publications from around the world, asked readers to answer two questions about environmental issues. Here are their responses

The questions we asked
If you could give a speech to the world leaders at COP 21, what would you say?
2 What do you usually do to help the environment?

Theodor, 11, Vinderen School

Photo: Aftenposten Junior

1 If we don’t do anything now, the climate changes will continue and it will be difficult to continue living on earth. Each and every one of us don’t have to do big changes in the way we live our lives, but we can make small adjustments. We could all stop flying as much as we do today and we shouldn’t use the car all the time. It would be wise to tell the people in your country to drive less, not more.

I also think people spend too much time making up new iPhones. None of us will care about phones when we die of pollution. The leaders in all countries should rather encourage scientist to try to make up things that are useful for the environment. I want a kind of vacuum cleaner that can get rid of polluted air. I also think it should be cheaper to use public transport, because no one wants to use the bus if it costs a lot of money. Then they’d rather use the car.

2 I live close to the train station, and I’ll use public transport instead of the car. The small choices you make in everyday life are the important ones – I recycle garbage and I don’t throw away food.

If somebody in the future can make a plane that uses solar panel instead of fuel, I’ll want to use that plane.

Anna, 11, Vinderen School 

Photo: Aftenposten Junior

1 All countries in the world have different challenges when it comes to the environment, therefore I think it’s a bit difficult to know what to say to all the leaders of all the countries in the world. In China for example there’s a lot of exhaust, and those who live there should get cars without exhaust. It’s a shame that some children can’t play outside because the air is too polluted. The leaders of all countries in the world should take better care of green areas and get rid of polluted air so that all children can play outside.

We who live in developed countries must take into account that undeveloped countries don’t have a lot of money they can spend on sorting out their environmental problems. We can’t expect them to do a lot. They should be given the time they need. But everyone should remember that all the small changes we all can make in our everyday lives, can make a big difference for the environment on earth.

2 If something I own is broken, I’ll try to mend it instead of throwing it away. And if I see garbage in the street, I’ll pick it up. I also inherit clothes and buy used clothes on the internet. I think that’s a good idea. Then fewer clothes can be produced and that’ll be a good thing for the environment.

Isabel, 11, Vinderen School 

Photo: Aftenposten Junior

1 We’ve only got one earth and together we must do something to make it good for everyone to live here. If we don’t do anything, it will be difficult to live here in the future. In Beijing some children can’t go outside because the air is so polluted, or they have to use facemasks to stop them having to breathe in the polluted air. It’s horrible that somebody has to live like that.

Nobody should have to breathe in air that can be dangerous for you. Luckily it’s not as bad all places. The small things we all do, will help as long as everybody does something.

2 I hope somebody will think of a smart way to make us able travel without having to pollute. I also hope somebody will make something that will help to get rid of the exhaust in the air.

I also give my baby sister clothes that are too small for me, and I give her my toys. I can give more of those things to others, too. Then I’ll recycle my things. The ice on the North Pole is melting, so I’ll have to do what I can to help stop the climate changes.


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