11 must-follow social media accounts

11 must-follow social media accounts

The internet is full of so many crazy things that it can be hard to find the good stuff. So we've brought you 11 accounts every guy should follow on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter


AweMeChannel: Blacksmiths (yes, those olden-day dudes who made swords) create real-life versions of weapons from video games like LoL and Halo, and prop builders make Sonic Screwdrivers, Arc Reactors, Terminator arms … what's not to love?


NigaHiga: Ryan Higa's videos are awesome, and it's great to see a young, Asian male doing so well in the entertainment world.


Dude Perfect: Setting goals, and striving to meet them is something we should do - but that doesn't just apply to boring academic and career goals. These guys perfect everything from ping pong trick shots and bowling strikes to bubblegum battles. Awesome.


@FunnyVines: Anyone with a cellphone (so about 97.8 per cent of the world it seems) can make a Vine. This account curates the most amusing, so you don't have to sift through piles of dross to find the good stuff.


@periscopeTV: Periscope's live video app seems to be taking off everywhere except Hong Kong. See what all the fuss is about, and tune in to some of the amazing things some users do.


@ThingsWork: Ever wondered how the tip of a ballpoint pen works, or how baby octopuses hatch? This feed is an incredible collection of videos that answer some of life's biggest questions.



@adderly_f: Hong Kong's own racing driver (and possibly the world's first ever Chinese driver) features cars, cars, cars … oh, and shots from cool events.


@justincywong: South Island School graduate Justin specialises in flat-lays. If you're looking for style inspiration, start here.

@kyle_yu: We all know how cool Hong Kong is. But it takes someone with a particular POV to take photos that make it look this cool in tiny squares on your phone screen.


@hawkeyehuey: A five-year-old posting photos of stuff he does. OK, his dad works for NatGeo, so he's kind of cheating, but if he can work out what filters work best, you can up your game, too.


@novess: This 15-year-old New Yorker takes stunning photos of what is probably the world's second greatest city.

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