Prince of Sealand's video search for a bride goes viral in China

Prince of Sealand's video search for a bride goes viral in China

A prince marrying a non-royal ... it has happened before and it will happen again. But in this case, is he even a real prince?


Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

For any girl dreaming of marrying a prince, here is your chance to make that dream come true - maybe.

A self-proclaimed prince of Sealand by the name of Padraic Roy Bates posted a video on YouTube last week asking, "where is my princess?"

"I am Padraic Roy Bates and I am the third generation prince of Sealand," he says in fluent Mandarin. 

Declaring himself a fan of Chinese culture, he proudly shows off a tattoo of three Chinese characters on his left arm, which he supposedly had tattooed in China last year. The three characters translates directly into "green hat", a phrase often used in Chinese to mock husbands who are being cheated on by their wives. Nevertheless, he says it "very, very cool."

Photo: YouTube

Bates says he is looking for a flat-chested Virgo with "long legs, wide hips, small waist ... perfectly white skin, no blemishes" and a little mole on the side of her neck. Should he find such a woman, she and he will have a three-day-and-three-night "grand underwater wedding the world has never ever seen before". At the end of the video, he leaves a WeChat username as his contact information.

The video has since gone viral on Sina Weibo, and some have pointed out that Padraic Roy Bates is not a real prince.

Now, is Sealand a real country?

In international waters about 12 kilometres off of the eastern coast of England, there is an offshore platform called Roughs Tower, which is the entire territory of the Principality of Sealand.

The self-declared state was founded in 1967 after Roy Bates, a former UK infantry major decided to take over Roughs Tower, which was built during the Second World War.

The Principality's website claims that "the history of Sealand is a story of a struggle for liberty". 

Good luck to the prince and his future bride ...


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