Jackie Chan's son arrested in Beijing

Jackie Chan's son arrested in Beijing

Fans disappointed at news that Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko are being held in Beijing on drugs charges, writes Ariel Conant

Jaycee Chan, son of Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, was arrested on drug-related charges in Beijing, along with Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, police said on Monday evening.

According to Beijing police reports, both actors tested positive for marijuana and admitted to using the drug. More than 100 grams of marijuana were found in Chan's home.

Chan, 32, and Ko, 23, are the most recent in a string of celebrities who have been detained on drug charges since President Xi Jinping declared in June that illegal drugs should be wiped out and offenders severely punished.

Jackie Chan, who was named an anti-drug ambassador in China in 2009, has travelled to Beijing to help his son. Jaycee has been accused of accommodating drug users, a more serious charge than using drugs. The maximum sentence is three years in prison.

Ko, who was part of an anti-drug campaign two years ago, is accused of using drugs. On Tuesday, he was shown on CCTV apologising to his fans and family.

"I feel very regretful, very sorry to all the people who supported me … I've been a very bad example, I've made a very big mistake," Ko said.

But apologies may not be enough for his fans.

"A lot of young adults and teenagers are greatly influenced by celebrities," says Justine Chan, 12, from Singapore International School. "They attempt to mimic the stars by copying how they dress, how they spend their free time, and most importantly, how they act."

Because of this influence, she believes that celebrities should face harsher punishment for drug use.

Cheryl Yuen, 16, from Diocesan Girls' School, agrees.

"I feel outraged and disappointed. They should be put in jail according to the law with no exceptions for being a celebrity," she says.

"Although it might ruin their careers, they should think before they act. They should be punished more harshly as youngsters look up to them."

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