Burning Question: name of your debut album

Burning Question: name of your debut album

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Bah Music, full of Mongolian throat singing and crazy frog.
Susan Ramsay, Editor

Cheese Please, a disco and pop-filled selection of odes to the greatest food ever known. Apart from avocados.
Karly Cox, Deputy editor

Black &White, with a panda wearing my glasses as the cover art.
Young Wang, Web reporter

Purrfect Score, relaxing tracks that incorporate the calm purr of cats to help me sleep.
Heidi Yeung, Web sub editor

No Limits, because Young Post is capable of anything on a Friday afternoon.
Lucy Christie, Sub-editor

Sam, because you should write what you know and I know me.
Sam Gusway, Sub-editor

Shoe In, music for models to strut down a catwalk to. A perky blend of Bee Gees disco and Carcass goregrind.
Lauren James, Sub-editor

Life is Like a Train Ride, inspired by Faye Wong's song, Passenger.
Ben Pang, Reporter

Woofgang, a funky, completely modern take on classical music incorporating the language of my people.
Dennis Goodboy, SYP mascot


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