Look into my crystal ball

Look into my crystal ball

With the start of the new year, we asked our readers for their predictions for what will happen in 2015. Here's what they said ...

1. Bring on the bad weather

Ok, let me take a look at my crystal ball ... there'll be more than five typhoons hitting Hong Kong over the coming summer, so we'll get plenty days off school!

Charlotte Chan, 16, Carmel Secondary School

2. My big year

I predict that the most talented, most interesting and most extraordinary person in the entire universe will turn 16 on the second Monday of January. Also, by the end of the year, you will all be cleaning my septic tank.

Annette Kim, 15, Chinese International School

3. Study, study and more study

I'm going to have a very busy year. I am in Form Five now, so SBA and IES are waiting for me. Also, I have to prepare for the DSE.

Kristie Wong, 16, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

4. Staying entertained

2015 will be the best year of my life. What with the last season of Glee airing in January, One Direction and Ed Sheeran coming to Hong Kong in March, Teen Wolf season five coming out in June, and the The Scorch Trials movie hitting cinemas in September, this year is going to be exciting from start to finish.

Christy Cheung, 15, St Paul's Co-educational College

5. Time for a change

2015 will mark the rise of wearable tech. They might not be popular right now, but "handy" gadgets like smartphone watches are bound to develop. Having such a portable and easily accessible way of communicating with people will radically change the way we relate to others.

Catherine Wang, 15, Chinese International School

6. Making every second count

I predict that I will get good grades in every subject this year. A's will no longer exist only in my dreams. I will work hard and make good use of every second so my prediction comes true. No more TV, and no more video games - I can do this!

Zheng Xi-yu, 12, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

7. Tablet wars

I predict that in 2015, the already heated battle between Microsoft and Apple will skyrocket. The Surface Pro 3 seems to be quite the competitor - it's capable of running programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and claims to be as fast as the Macbook Pro. But while Microsoft seems to be stepping up its game, I still believe most will turn to Apple products, as they are well known for having long battery lives and fast processing.

Stacey Chan, 15, Christian Alliance International School

8. A year of debate

2015 is definitely going to be a year full of debates over democracy and government policies. As the Umbrella Movement has just ended, there'll be a lot more discussions. Hong Kong is now closing in on the 2017 chief executive election, which means that we have only two more years to come up with a satisfying solution. As 2017 approaches, I believe this will be a year of even more fierce debate.

Regina Cheng, 15, Cheung Chuk Shan College

9. Hard work pays off

I predict that my DSEs will be successful and I will be on my way to becoming a nurse!

Cheung Mei-yee, 17, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

10. A foodie's year

Expect the mechanisation of cooking in 2015. Next time I'm in McDonald's, instead of making a hasty exit I'll have a closer look at their kitchen to check if there are any people left, or if machines are now making my food. For now at least, I still have my half-eaten organic turkey to feast upon. That should keep the green people happy, for the time being.

Ludwig Cheng, 16, Eton College (Britain)

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Look into my crystal ball


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