The Top 10 places Hong Kong protestors should occupy next

The Top 10 places Hong Kong protestors should occupy next

With Occupy Central protesters gathering in places like Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, we asked our readers where they should occupy next. Here are the best answers ...

1. Rubbish idea

Rather than occupying our financial centre and tourist attractions, which may directly affect our economy, it's much better to occupy our overflowing landfills. It would cause no harm to normal business, and force the government to take immediate action. Also, it would raise our awareness of two pressing social issues - political reform and waste management - at the same time!

Charlotte Chan, 16,Carmel Secondary School

2. Occupy Classroom

They should occupy my school on Monday because I have an in-class English essay to write that day.

Annette Kim, 15,Chinese International School

3. Make a home run

In their own homes. Then they can fight for their cause without disrupting other people's daily lives. When was it ever said that protests are effective only if they inconvenience others?

Sharon Cheng, 15, King George V School

4. Get Mickey on board

Occupy Disneyland would be my first choice, so we can go there without paying the entrance fee, and there would be no tourists! The government will be very concerned about the loss of revenue from tourism, while the protesters will never get bored there.

Ma Cheuk-pui, 13, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

5. Come to my neighbourhood

Definitely in and around Ma On Shan. I'd love a day or two off school with no homework. It would be great to have school holidays not because of extreme weather but because of Hongkongers standing up for their rights! Support Hong Kong!

Anushka Purohit, 14, Renaissance College Hong Kong

6. Hit the books!

When they're not busy fighting for democracy on our busy streets, the Umbrella Movement's protesters should occupy Hong Kong's bookstores and libraries. We need book-lovers more than ever in today's increasingly digital age.

May Huang, 17, Chinese International School

7. Runway models

Around the airport. How else are you going to trouble Hong Kong to the max? Block international arrivals and departures by creating a human wall!

Tayyab Shahzada, 15, Sha Tin College

8. Centralised effort

It should be Occupy Tamar, because it is Hong Kong's prime area for protesting. The protesters should gather in Tamar, because it will add more pressure on the government, causing them to give in.

Liam Fung, 12, Chinese International School

9. OCTV is on the air!

Protesters should occupy TV stations instead of Central. This way, they can express their opinions of different programmes like soap operas and reality shows. They should do this during the summer holidays. Then we can all enjoy the shows and learn something about Hong Kong.

Philip Cheung, 13, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

10. Scary thought

I think the protesters should be at Ocean Park, where they'll be able to attract more youngsters to their movement. Besides, with Halloween just around the corner, they may even be able to borrow a few costumes to scare Beijing into giving us universal suffrage!

Joy Pamnani, 16, PLK Ngan Po Ling College

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