Cool ways to weather the storm

Cool ways to weather the storm

Last week, Hong Kong had its first No 8 of the year with Typhoon Kalmaegi, so we asked our readers what's the best thing to do during such times. Here are the best answers ...

1. Fright night

A typhoon means inviting some friends over, turning off all the lights, lighting some candles and telling ghost stories! The howling wind and the darkness that come with every typhoon provide the perfect atmosphere for some scary stories.

Yasmin Subba, 18, HKUST

2.Pillow talk

Create some kind of a fortress in your room. I made a castle using more than 50 pillows and blankets once, and I was able to sit inside and play games all night. Plus, it could protect me from the typhoon!

Liam Fung, 12, Chinese International School

3.Sticking my neck out ..

There's nothing better than reading your favourite novel during a typhoon. Sitting on a comfortable sofa in the living room, I'll read Twilight, as heavy rain and roaring wind lash the windows, creating the perfect atmosphere for the vampire tale. What a blissful holiday with Edward Cullen!

Cherry Hung, 16, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

4.Creature comforts

Watching cat videos with your pets is definitely one of the best things to do during a storm. I have an American shorthair who is truly adorable. His reaction to the video recordings of his own kind is without a doubt something to die for. Since a storm can be rather scary at times, it's easier to get through this difficult time when you are with your pets.

Veronica Lin, 15, Shenzhen College of International Education

5.That's another story

When there's a typhoon, reading novels at home is a nice idea. This helps me to calm my nerves. Normally, I do not have much time to read books, so a "T8 holiday" is the perfect opportunity!

Ursula Ng, 13, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

6.The Oreo Ordeal

On the night of Typhoon Kalmaegi, I baked Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies with my friend. And we ended up with 168 cookies. Originally, we thought we had baked 180, so when we finished counting, we racked our brains for 30 minutes wondering about the missing cookies. Then we realised that each packet of Oreos contained only 14 biscuits, not 15. So, now this incident is named The Oreo Ordeal.

Sharon Cheng, 15, King George V School

7.It's plane and simple

I like to go to the airport with my friends and see if the planes roll away!

Victor Sun, 16, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

8.Morning melodies

Just sleep in ... unless you're a morning person like me, in which case you should take your time having breakfast to the music of the howling wind.

May Huang, 17, Chinese International School

9.Warming to the task

Eat, sleep, eat, sleep ... and continue this cycle for the day while you're holed up at home by the typhoon. Stuff yourself with some warm soup or hot chocolate, as you imagine how chilly and wet it must be outside. Also, sleep is so much sweeter when there's a symphony of rain outside your window. Besides, how often do you get to do this during regular days which are packed with schoolwork?

Annette Kim, 15, Chinese International School

10.Feeling quite at home

When a T8 signal is predicted, I usually put off doing my homework since I wouldn't have to go to school the next day. So, I spend my T8 holiday finishing the homework I was supposed to do the previous day!

Yau Chun-ming, 18, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

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Cool ways to weather the storm


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