If you were a pirate, where would you bury your treasure?

If you were a pirate, where would you bury your treasure?

Ahoy, matey! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so we asked our readers where they would bury their treasure if they were a pirate. Here are the best answers ...

1. Better draw a good map

I would bury the treasure in my room because it's so messy you wouldn't be able to find it … but neither could I!

Liam Fung, 12, Chinese International School

2. Scurvy dog hackers!

Arrr, definitely not iCloud! Nobody would want ye account t' be hacked 'n for every Tom, Dick 'n Harry t' have a glimpse of yer booty!

Wincy Leung, 17, King George V School

3. A chest within a chest

If I was a pirate, I would bury my treasure in the depths of my cabinet. No one would ever be able to find my treasure because of all the useless junk and worn-out clothes I have there.

Hua Yuk-ting, 15, South Island School

4. The stinky socks decoy

If I did have a treasure chest, I'd probably stuff it under my pile of dirty clothes. No enemy would dare go near it!

Justine Chan, 12, Singapore International School

5. The wardrobe hides all

In my closet, because my brother can never find me there whenever we play hide-and-seek. Hope he doesn't read this!

Ghale Lekhman, 17, Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School

6. A heart o' gold

I would hide the treasure in my heart, because my heart is not easily stolen.

Suen Wing-sze, 18, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

7. Keep the orcs away from me booty

Ahoy! I'd bury me precious in the mountain valley that is Rivendell. Elrond is sure to keep it safe, and the elves are honourable creatures that wouldn't exploit my treasure for themselves.

Sharon Cheng, 15, King George V School

8. No map needed

It would be hidden in the safest place in the world - my home, sweet home.

Royal Yau, 17, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

9. 'Neath me bunk

Aye! Under my bed! Nobody looks for treasure in the most obvious place, so I'll bury it in the most popular hiding spot. All the junk I have underneath there will also act as a brilliant obstacle!

Sharon Lau, 14, St Paul's Convent School

10. Aye, but the service charges be sky high

In a savings account, of course. Not only will my treasure be safeguarded by the bank's security system, the monthly interest will make my investment grow!

Joy Pamnani, 16, Po Leung Kuk NganPo Ling College

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